Grand Cayman ranked #8 on TripAdvisor´s Top 25 Nature Destinations list

TripAdvisor® revealed the list of travelers' favorite places to disconnect in nature, whether hiking through national parks or watching the sunset on the beach

(Source: Cayman Islands )

The Cayman Islands recently announced that Grand Cayman was recognized by TripAdvisor® users as the number eight destination in the Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Destinations 25 Nature Destinations category. This recognition honors travelers' favorite destinations for 2024, based on the reviews and opinions collected from users around the world on Tripadvisor. 

The list includes destinations that, thanks to their attractions and rich nature tourism offering, are recommended by travelers from all over the world who are looking for activities such as hiking in natural parks, rest to enjoy the sun and the beach, or bird watching. This time, Grand Cayman was ranked number eight after renowned destinations such as Kathmandu, in first place, and Halong Bay and Hurghada, in second and third place respectively.

"The further you get from Grand Cayman's busy boardwalk, the more peace and quiet you will find. At Stingray City (a sandbar), stingrays swim with you in calm waters," describes the TripAdvisor® website and highlights Grand Cayman for all its Nature Tourism offer. In addition to the visit to Stingray City, the Cayman Turtle Center stands out as a great nature tourist attraction in Grand Cayman, where educational, cultural and entertainment programs are constantly created and updated to improve the experience of the more than 200,000 visitors it receives. per year and turtle release programs are developed that have resulted in the growth of the wild population of the green turtle.


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