Chihuahua, Mexico, deployed commercial relations in Madrid

The International Tourism Fair (FITUR) was held at Ifema Madrid until January 28, with the presence of important representatives of destinations, hotel companies and companies related to the tourism sector

(Source: Travel2latam)

In this context, Travel2latam spoke with Edibray Gómez Gallegos, Secretary of Tourism of the State of Chihuahua.

What are the feelings of what you have experienced here at this event?

I think this is FITUR's biggest year, and the strongest we have ever had. We have had a series of visitors like never before who opened more spaces here at the fair and we are very happy because people want to get to know Mexico as a whole and obviously Chihuahua.

The season is starting, what is your expectation regarding the arrival of international tourism?

After the pandemic, tourism has been constituted in a different way. We have already been in contact with some tour operators and travel agencies to be able to bring Chihuahua, which is the largest state of the Mexican Republic, to European tourism. Although we have a lot of visits from people from Spain, we have also had a lot of interest from people from other European countries due to the ecosystem and the benefits that Chihuahua offers, along with its geographical location.

What are the most important types of tourism at this time?

We have business tourism due to the geographical location and also the export maquiladora industry. Migrant tourism to the United States and Mexico comes a lot to the state, both to the capital of Chihuahua and to Ciudad Juárez and some municipalities. Medical tourism is relevant due to its proximity to the United States, especially in aesthetic and dental matters. And in Chihuahua we have a highly developed adventure tourism, also for relaxation and pleasure. 

What plans do you have for this season?

With a Gross Domestic Product close to 7.5% of GDP and growing comparatively compared to last year, the plan is to continue working with the Secretary of Tourism of Governor Maru Campos, which has been bearing fruit since its creation 1 and a half years ago, because it was previously a Tourism Directorate. With this field of action already established, the objective is to continue planning and supporting the development of our destination from there.

Mexico is a huge country, how do you work to have a differentiating proposal? 

We work hand in hand with some states, especially those in the north, such as Baja California Sur, Baja California Norte, Sonora, Sinaloa de Nuevo León, etc. 

How can I get from Madrid to Chihuahua? 

We have flights from Madrid to Mexico City, then to Mexico, Chihuahua. Madrid to Monterrey, and from Monterrey to Chihuahua. Or connection through Cancun. Just as if they are traveling from some other part of Europe, they make a stopover in Mexico City or Cancun, which are the ones with the most connections, and from there we have direct flights to our destination.

What attraction could no one miss in Chihuahua?

First, Copper Canyon, which is 3 times larger than the Colorado Canyon. We have the Chepes Railway, which passes through the Sierra Madre Occidental, and is among the 100 must-sees of humanity. We have sandboarding, a fantastic desert, very good craftsmanship, and various cultures, among them particularly we have the world champions of long-range running, who run in sandals. There are great attractions, the Margarita and the Burrito for example, was invented in Ciudad Juárez, as was wrestling.

There are many extreme, relaxation or business activities in the Large State of the Mexican Republic, which has more than 240 thousand square km, an area equivalent to half of Spain.

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