Avianca and Abaco brought food to those affected by the collapse on the Medellín-Quibdó highway

The airline, together with the Colombian Food Bank Association (ABACO), transported more than 167 kilograms of non-perishable food

(Source: Avianca)

Avianca, through Deprisa, joined ABACO to transport more than 167 kilograms of non-perishable food, which will be donated to support those affected by the collapse on the Medellín-Quibdó highway.  

In this way, and thanks to its alliance with ABACO, the airline is present even in regions where it does not operate directly, demonstrating its interest and commitment to the well-being of the country and its population.

“Avianca and its social allies want to be part of the solution when any region of Colombia faces difficult situations, or natural disasters, even if we do not operate directly in that territory, as is the case of Chocó. We thank ABACO for allowing us to be part of this initiative and bring help to the affected communities,” said Felipe Andrés Gómez Vivas, director of sustainability and institutional relations at Avianca.  

Juan Guillermo Puerta, general director of Deprisa commented: “we are making a contribution for the benefit of the affected families, reaffirming our commitment and willingness.”

"In Chocó there are 110 families affected by the landslide, approximately 340 people. Thanks to the support of food companies, and companies like Avianca, we have been able to activate our emergency protocol to mobilize the aid that has arrived in other cities to Chocó with "in order to serve the families targeted by the Diocese of Quibdó," said Juan Pablo Buitrago, executive director of the Colombian food bank network.

This is not the first time that Avianca has provided help in emergency situations. In 2023, given the situation of the roads to Villavicencio, the airline contributed by increasing its operation to the capital of Meta, establishing fare ceilings for its tickets and transporting more than 80 liters of blood together with the Red Cross. On the other hand, in January 2023, in the midst of the emergency in Pasto, it mobilized five tons of humanitarian aid and added fourteen additional flights to its operation.  

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