Copa Airlines and its aviation academy graduate 21 new Panamanian pilots

ALAS celebrates, within the framework of National Pilot's Day, the graduation of 21 new Panamanian pilots, of which 38% are women

(Source: Komunika Latam)

The Latin American Academy of Higher Aviation (ALAS), a non-profit aviation school supported by Copa Airlines, celebrated today, on National Pilot's Day, the graduation of 21 new Panamanian pilots, highlighting that 8 of them, or 38% , they are women. This graduation reflects the importance of continuing to offer equal opportunities so that all young people with the appropriate qualifications and determination can achieve their professional goals. These graduates will join the Copa Airlines staff, reaffirming the Airline's commitment to continue developing national talent.

"On this National Pilot's Day, at ALAS we celebrate the achievement of these young people who completed training as commercial pilots. We are proud to be an Academy of excellence that provides the opportunity for preparation and development to young Panamanians who have the dream of being aviators; ALAS provides them with training with superior quality standards and the opportunity, once certified, to join directly the Copa Airlines pilot team," said Captain Pedro Herrera, director of ALAS.

At ALAS, students complete their degree with the highest international standards and at a cost well below the industry average, since its operation is non-profit and subsidized by Copa Airlines.

In this first class of the year, 80% of the graduates completed their studies benefiting from financial support provided through partial study scholarships awarded by Copa Airlines and the Panamanian Union of Commercial Aviators (UNPAC), as well as loans and full scholarships. facilitated by the Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (IFARHU).

In its 19 promotions, ALAS has graduated more than 220 Panamanian pilots; these professionals today form part of the ranks of first officers and captains in the Airline, thus contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

“Copa Airlines not only connects destinations, it also builds bridges of opportunity for young people passionate about aviation with the desire to grow and study this wonderful career. More than an Airline, we want to be promoters of dreams and educational opportunities that translate into personal, professional and economic development. We congratulate these new pilots and welcome them to an exciting journey full of possibilities," commented Captain Bolívar Domínguez González, vice president of flight operations for Copa Airlines.

Through ALAS and for more than a decade, Copa Airlines has led efforts to promote the sustainable development of aviation in Panama. The Airline has created an ecosystem with its training academies for pilots, aeronautical technicians and flight crew that encourages the training of Panamanian talent, providing unique opportunities to study professions related to the aviation industry. Currently, ALAS has 84 active students in the different phases of the degree.

ALAS keeps its student selection process open throughout the year, allowing young people interested in becoming commercial pilots to present their documents at any time. The admission process, which follows international standards, ensures that candidates meet specific requirements, including a minimum age of 19 years, Panamanian nationality, completed secondary school, 1st class medical certificate and English language proficiency.


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