Explore the magic of Belize´s San Pedro Carnival

Discover the historical roots that make this celebration unique, where centuries-old traditions mix with the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the destination

(Source: The Belize Tourism Board)

The picturesque town of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, Belize, comes to extraordinary life during the San Pedro Carnival. The folklore celebration, which this year takes place on February 23, stands out as one of the biggest festivities in the country. With traditions dating back to the 19th century, it is a living testament to the rich history that links Belize to European celebrations. 

Some of the best-known carnival traditions, such as parades and masked balls, were first recorded in medieval Italy, where the Venice Carnival was the most famous. From Italy, the custom spread to Spain, Portugal and France and, through colonization, to the Caribbean, Latin America and some cities in North America with Mardi Gras. The Carnival of Cádiz, in Spain, which remains one of the best known today, was especially influential in shaping the traditions that would later predominate in San Pedro. 

When the Spanish conquered Mexico and established the cities of Mérida, Valladolid and Bacalar, they brought with them a number of traditions, including carnival. When the Caste War spread through Yucatan, these traditions traveled south with the Mayan, Mestizo, and Caucasian refugees who settled on Ambergris Caye and elsewhere in Belize. Among the things that make the San Pedro Carnival truly captivating are the surprising similarities with the Cádiz festivities, which left a positive, lively and lasting mark on the destination. 

While many carnivals around the world stand out for their glamor and extravagance, the Spanish festival's main characteristic is humor, through sarcasm, mockery and irony. There were even sharp social and political criticisms disguised as comedy. And San Pedro presents to this day the best of what it learned in that era, when masks were replaced by face paint and the destination became known as a comic carnival. Exploring the colorful streets during Carnival, visitors will witness the harmonious fusion of European and local traditions, creating a truly unforgettable festive atmosphere. 

Plan your visit to Belize during this period. Because on Ambergris Caye, the San Pedro Carnival is not just a party, it is a unique experience that mixes historical heritage and joy. So soak in the vibrant atmosphere, get covered in paint with the local kids, dance like no one's watching, cool off with Belikin beers and then take a dip in the sea. Let yourself be carried away by the centuries-old magic of the festival, which continues to enchant everyone and everyone. Nobody is left out of the party!


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