SeaWorld celebrates 60 years with parties and news at its three parks in the United States

Visitors to the parks in Orlando (Florida), San Diego (California) and San Antonio (Texas) will be able to enjoy exclusive experiences starting March 21 as part of the “So Much More to Sea” celebration

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This year, SeaWorld is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and to celebrate, SeaWorld Orlando in Florida, SeaWorld San Diego in California and SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas will be promoting different experiences throughout the year. In addition to new attractions scheduled to open in 2024, all parks will feature festive programming that will include special presentations, promotions, themed dining options and collectible items that will be available for a limited time and will be revealed soon.

As part of the “So Much More to Sea” celebration, SeaWorld invites visitors to immerse themselves in its curiosities, including historical facts and milestones that will be shared throughout the parks and on its digital channels. The festivities officially begin on Thursday, March 21, the day SeaWorld first opened its doors in 1964 in San Diego. The inaugural anniversary party runs through Sunday, March 24, with many experiences taking place throughout the American summer months. Visitors will also be invited to share their favorite SeaWorld memories on social media using #SeaWorld60.

“Throughout history, our SeaWorld parks have offered fun and enriching experiences, from up-close animal encounters and educational programs to award-winning marine-themed attractions, special events and exciting entertainment. “We remain committed to creating immersive experiences that help inspire visitors of all ages to protect the animals and wild wonders of our world,” said Marc Swanson, CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. “On this 60th anniversary, we invite invite our guests to join us on a journey through our past and everything that makes SeaWorld such a special place, while exploring all of our new additions, including new attractions, presentations and shows, exclusive experiences, and edition food and beverages. limited and collectible objects.

SeaWorld's 60th Anniversary Celebration will feature new features including:

• New attractions: SeaWorld will have new attractions opening during the second quarter of 2024 at each of its parks in the United States, including “Penguin Trek” at SeaWorld Orlando, “Catapult Falls” at SeaWorld San Antonio and “Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience” at SeaWorld San Diego.

• New Performances and Shows: Exciting new circus-style shows at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Antonio, and a live character show, “Shamu and Crew – Together Again,” at SeaWorld San Diego, will bring excitement to guests! !

• New Musical Character Parades: Debuting during the American summer, visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy a 60th Anniversary Parade featuring beloved characters.

• New Dining Options and 60th Anniversary Collectibles – Guests will be able to celebrate this SeaWorld milestone with special limited-edition food and drink offerings and exclusive souvenirs all year long.

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