Miami crowned fourth best city for fine dining in 2024

Titan Travel has published a ranking of the 10 best cities for fine dining in 2024 by analyzing gastronomic data, dietary variety and Michelin star ratings from Tripadvisor

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Miami has been crowned the fourth best city for fine dining in 2024, with a gastronomic score of 9 out of 10. With 2.23 fine dining restaurants and 0.74 Michelin-starred restaurants per km2, Miami is ready to be in the wish list of all food lovers in 2024.

Paris occupies first place, as a gastronomic capital with the best and most haute cuisine restaurants in the world (11.39 restaurants per km2). With a notable gastronomic score of 9.93 out of 10, Paris is the ideal destination to savor exquisite French cuisine. The "city of love" has 6.75 fine dining restaurants and 4.65 Michelin-starred restaurants per km2.

The Spanish city of Barcelona obtained second place as the best city in the world in terms of haute cuisine restaurants, with 4.07 restaurants per km2. The popular city also has one Michelin-starred restaurant per km2 and just over three fine dining establishments per km2 in the Spanish city.

The 10 BEST Cities for Fine Dining in the World:

1Paris France1056.754.6511.399,93
2Barcelona, ​​Spain1023.
3Osaka, Japan2252.611.053.665.64
4Miami, United States932.230,742,979.00
5Taipei, Taiwan2721.430,541,987.28
6Tokyo Japan2,1941.110,211.323.86
7Denpasar, Indonesia1261.
8New York, USA7840,590,571.166.57
9Amsterdam, Holland2190,610,541.157,86
10Las Vegas, United States1421.

Article's source: Titan Travel

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