Chile experiences the traditional “Viña del Mar Festival” and an Argentine artist will be in charge of the closing

The trans-Andean country reinforces tourism operations with the most famous summer event in Latin America

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The Quinta Vergara is taking on color to host once again the legendary “Viña del Mar Festival”, the music concert par excellence of the summer season that brings together renowned bands and artists. The big event will take place between February 25 to March 1.

The closing will be carried out by Mateo Palacios Corazzina, better known as Trueno, a 21-year-old singer from La Boca, who was confirmed a few hours ago after the Mexican Featherweight canceled all his performances in Latin America.

Additionally, this year, the Viña del Mar Festival will have the presence of Andrea Bocelli, Alejandro Sanz, Maná, Miranda, Manuel Turizo, María Becerra, Morat and Anitta, among other renowned musicians to share 6 magical nights and learn about the “Best Song” and “Best Performer”, who will be awarded the “Silver Seagull”, the event's flagship award.

The contest will feature competition in the folklore genre and the opening by different comedians, as is customary to begin in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tourism in Valparaíso
From the central government they stated that the hotel and gastronomic operation is carrying out its tasks normally, after the fires that affected the Valparaíso Region. In addition, they maintained that the festival employs more than 4,500 people directly and other services indirectly.

It is important to ignore that the area affected by the fire is already controlled and after the removal tasks, one of the largest reconstructions in Chilean history begins, which will require more than a billion dollars.

As a consequence of a contingency stage, the authorities decided to reinforce security to guarantee the 63rd edition of the musical milestone, coordinating actions between the various government areas.

“This year the festival will have a solidarity cut, as a government we are accompanying the victims,” declared the Undersecretary of Tourism in Chile, Verónica Pardo Lagos, who in turn made the main focus on sustaining the sources of work that are generated around the festival. recognized international competition.

Gastronomy, beaches and unmissable wines are some of the experiences to enjoy in this Region. Together with Viña del Mar, Concón is ready to welcome visitors for its coastal charm.

In Valparaíso, the Alegre and Concepción hills continue to be true witnesses of the history of the port city. Its iconic architecture, declared international heritage by UNESCO, ensures a dream memory. Finally, on the route that connects the region with Santiago, the vineyards in the Casablanca valley guarantee an unmissable experience. Known for its excellent white and sparkling wines, this one has its doors open to delight wine lovers. Its wineries are fully operational so that tourists can delve into the wine history of the area.

Good music, beach and tourism, irresistible planning.



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