Quintana Roo promoted the tourist attractions of the Mexican Caribbean in Colombia

The 43rd edition of the Anato Tourist Showcase is taking place in Bogotá until March 1, with an important presence of international travel representatives, including the Mexican state of Quintana Roo

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In this context, Travel2latam spoke with Andrés Martínez, General Director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council.

What are the expectations when appearing at an event like the Tourist Showcase?

We are happy to be here. Colombia for us represents the number one market in Latin America, but also coming to Anato helps us get closer to the rest of Latin America to show a product like the Mexican Caribbean of Quintana Roo; with its 12 destinations, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Cozumel, etc. In addition, we seek to speak with airlines, operators, travel agents and the public directly to see their feelings and to be able to start this year very actively.

What does the Colombian market mean to you? 

For us, it is the one that brings us the most tourists from Latin America. It is a destination with which we feel very armed in terms of culture. Mexicans and Colombians are very similar in our ways of being and in social, cultural and family issues. We like similar things, and being here always means getting closer to a market that likes to travel as a family or as a couple, and that stays 6 to 7 days in the destination. Before they had summer and winter seasons, but today Colombians are practically traveling all year round. We have good connectivity with them, always trying to have good negotiations to improve it even more. We are 3 hours and 50 minutes away, very close. 

They were already in Fitur and now in Anato's Showcase. How is the promotion of the Mexican Caribbean continuing?

In terms of promotion we are, for example, in Istanbul regarding incentive groups; with the MICE sector here in Colombia, then we go to Berlin, to the ITB. There are also some fairs coming up in Brazil, and we also have “rock shows” or caravans, that is, we don't need a fair to promote the destinations. The agenda is very saturated, we have more than 130 thousand rooms in the destination, so the tourist work that the hotels do has to continue with the Promotion Council and the authorities to continue growing and maintaining this type of destinations. Last year we closed with practically 21 million tourists, which translates into 500 thousand tourists a week. This work continues to grow, both in European markets, North America and Latin America, and we are practically all over the world, even receiving tourists from Asia. There are markets that must be maintained, and others that must be developed.

What news can't you stop telling our audience?

We always have news, but right now we are presented with a historic opportunity for a new era in Quintana Roo. We have a new international airport, the Tulum International Airport, which began operations in December and has had such a strong impact on aeronautics that the first month of operation had 57 flights. American Airlines, United, Delta, Spirit, Jetblue will start flying in April, and there will be an offer from the United States starting in May with Air Canada with 3 flights a week. In addition, it already flies to Copa from Panama, with 3 flights a week, which connects us with all of Latin America. Finally, the first flight from Frankfurt has finally been announced. This airport is changing the geography we have because it brings us closer to destinations and opens up a range of possibilities for tourists where to land. It is a success that is only 200km from the Cancun airport.

How do you imagine the numbers on your visitor sheet for December of this year? 

I don't have to imagine it, fortunately we have many tools that project that data to us. Today I can tell you that in terms of available seats at the destination we are practically 8 points higher than last year. This is a challenging year, but people continue to invest in their vacation days, they want to continue relaxing, and we know that we are the number one sun and beach destination in the world, with an offer for everyone and all budgets. 

What challenges do you have today that you want to highlight? 

The challenge is always responsible growth. Growing up with great respect for nature is something that is already taking a lot of attention on our agenda. Another challenge is connectivity, continuing to improve and expand options. We are also aware that we are the region in Mexico with the most employment in the country. Many families make a living from tourism, we are a very prosperous destination, and a busy area, since you cannot automate tourism. The service we provide in Mexico requires work and human warmth. 

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