Peninsula Valdés: a gem for nature and adventure lovers

With the help of Argentina Vision, more than 350,000 tourists were able to visit and tour this tourist attraction in Patagonia

(Source: Argentina Visión )

The Valdés Peninsula is a coastal feature on the Argentine Sea, located in the province of Chubut. It is a Protected Natural Area that covers more than 800 thousand hectares of Patagonian Steppe. It is a gem for nature lovers and adventurers in the mystical and unspoilt Argentine Patagonia, also declared by UNESCO as "Peninsula Valdés Biosphere Reserve", forming a protected area of ​​almost two million hectares with hundreds of native species. .

On average, it is estimated that the destination is visited by 343 thousand people per year. Its conservation objective is to maintain representative samples of ecosystems; protect the landscape, natural and cultural heritage; facilitate research and monitoring; promote compatible sustainable activities; and promote knowledge and value of the area.

The Valdés Peninsula is the breeding ground for imposing mammals such as the Southern Right Whale, which can be observed from mid-June to the end of November in its reproductive cycle. You can also see colonies of southern elephant seals, fur seals and Magellanic penguins in the wild, interacting within their communities and with others. At the same time, on some occasions it is possible to see orcas, mainly in Punta Norte during the months of March and April and on the coasts of the Valdés Peninsula during the months of October.

The Peninsula has wetlands of international importance, which are very important stopping places for migratory wading birds, which travel approximately 30,000 km between the Arctic tundra and the southern coast of Patagonia. Therefore, these environments function as bottlenecks on which the survival of many species depends and hence their importance in the planetary ecosystem.

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