Comarca Las Libres in Colonia de Sacramento: one of the jewels of Uruguayan hospitality

It offers a new concept that values ​​well-being, comfort and good gastronomy

(Source: Travel2latam)

Comarca Las Libres is located in Colonia del Sacramento, 1.3 km from Balneario Municipal Beach. The establishment stands out for being in a territory of incomparable sensory experiences, to which it is the ideal place to live. Nestled in a topography and environment of natural beauty

The boutique hotel has a total of four rooms, they stand out for being spacious and with excellent lighting. The decoration is elegant and charming, with objects selected from antique shops, paintings, works of art and other typical Uruguayan references, such as furs and leather. Las Liebres also offers regional products such as wines, dulce de leche, oils and jams. Everything is available to guests and for sale in the restaurant's shop.

Source: Travel2Latam

The complex has a restaurant that has the gastronomic direction of Hugo Soca, the chef who has claimed homemade food as a Uruguayan cultural manifesto; the natural ingredients, the garden, the household items. Diners attend a menu largely determined by the 100% certified organic garden. Among the main dishes, the entrecôte Milanese stands out, stuffed with cheese, roasted vegetables, free-range eggs, red pepper sauce and nuts. 

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