The best Peruvian destinations for sun and beach lovers

The Andean country offers a unique experience that combines scenic beauty, history, outstanding gastronomy and nature

(Source: PROMPERÚ)

Immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Peruvian beaches is an unforgettable experience for every traveler. From lively Máncora to serene Vichayito, Peru's northern coast offers a variety of destinations to suit all tastes. Below we detail some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and everything they have to offer.

Located in northern Peru, it is an emblematic beach destination surrounded by impressive protected natural areas such as the Cerros de Amotape National Park and Coto de Caza El Angolo. This vibrant beach offers a unique blend of world-class surfing, delicious cuisine, and a lively nightlife that never stops.
From exclusive resorts to cozy backpacker hostels, the city welcomes travelers from all corners of the world with its warm waves and festive atmosphere. Just 4 km to the south is another charming beach: Las Pocitas, known locally as Máncora Chico, ideal for enjoying spectacular sunsets in its natural pools between the rocks.

Located in the province of Huarmey, four hours and 30 minutes by car north of the city of Lima, is the picturesque resort of Tuquillo. Its calm blue waters and fine sand make it a perfect destination to relax and enjoy the landscape. Just 7 km north of the city of Huarmey, this beach has islets that serve as home to various seabirds, which adds a touch of biodiversity to its charm.

With warm waters that reach 27 degrees Celsius in summer, Vichayito is one of the calmest beaches in northern Peru. Its soft sands and crystal-clear waters make it an ideal destination for swimming and diving, while its exquisite cuisine—which features marine dishes such as grouper ceviche, fish chicharrón, and rice with seafood—delights the most demanding palates. Vichayito offers a relaxed and serene environment, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and connect with nature.

Located in the Piura region, Colán captivates with its beautiful wooden houses next to the sea and its impressive sunsets. Famous for the blue-green color of its waters in summer, this beach also offers a rich history that can be explored at the San Lucas de Colán Church, the first founded by the Spanish in South America. With a collection of 16th-century works of art, including a stunning Baroque altarpiece, Colán combines natural beauty with cultural heritage for a truly unique experience.

Punta Sal
Also located in Tumbes, Punta Sal is a stunning destination that offers crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sand, creating an ideal setting for a romantic getaway.
From walks along the boardwalk to sunset dinners and nights of dancing, the city provides the perfect environment to create unforgettable memories. Additionally, if you decide to visit this destination between July and October, you will have the opportunity to spot dolphins and humpback whales.

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