Enjoy Punta del Este culminates a successful summer season and goes for more

We interviewed Javier Azcurra, Director of Institutional Relations & Sales, who reviews the current status of the property

(Source: Enjoy Punta del Este )

In your opinion, how has the season developed in Punta del Este and in particular how has it turned out for Enjoy Punta del Este?

The season was better than expected. Although it did not reach record or similar levels, there was a lot of uncertainty before its start, especially regarding our main source of tourism, which is Argentina. Considering that Argentina was going through significant institutional and political change, we did not know how the Punta del Este public would respond to this situation. However, the response was extremely favorable, exceeding our expectations. The public showed fidelity and loyalty to Punta del Este, maintaining a very good occupancy throughout the summer, especially in January.

What milestones would be important to highlight from what has happened? 
In terms of summer milestones, on the one hand, I would highlight the excellent response of the public to the shows, both the conferences and the Enjoy Live recitals. Furthermore, another highlight was Susana Giménez's farewell to the theater. After 40 performances, one of the main figures of the show in Latin America, Susana, said goodbye to the stage, thus marking one of the great moments of the season. The number of prizes we gave out at the casino throughout the summer was also significant.

What expectations and activities do you have planned for Tourism Week?
For Easter, from Wednesday the 27th to Sunday the 31st, we have 100% occupancy. Furthermore, from Sunday the 24th to Wednesday the 27th, occupancy remains strong at 85%. In terms of content and activities, we will have tournaments in the casino, including a paddle tennis tournament on our courts during the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd. We are also organizing a show for March 23rd with Soy Rada, and on Saturday the 30th we will have with OVO Night Club.

What does it mean to you to host the global wine tourism summit? What other international events will you host in the coming months? 
At the MICE segment level, March and April are months of many congresses and conventions. Next week, we host a large event from Brazil, with key construction entrepreneurs from all over the country. As a novelty, we have been working on the global responsible wine tourism summit for many months. This achievement is gratifying and recognizes the work we do not only in MICE tourism, but also in wine tourism. For some time now, we designed and created a package called Punta Wine Trip, which we initially promoted throughout Brazil. We encourage tourists to visit the wineries, vineyards and try the wines of Punta del Este, Maldonado. This region demonstrates great potential, especially in the quality of Uruguayan wines, which have positioned themselves internationally. Investments in infrastructure and quality of services have also contributed to this success. Thanks to the Punta Wine Trip package and our promotion throughout Brazil, we have built a path for the World Wine Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Tourism to choose us as strategic partners and host of the first global summit. This summit will take place between March 19 and 21, and is a recognition of the hard work we have been doing to promote the world of wine in Maldonado and Uruguay. The Wine Show, which we hold every year, is another clear example of our commitment in this area.

What activities and conferences does the program include?
At the global wine tourism summit, the main leaders of the tourism and oenology industry will meet, as well as professionals, businessmen and enthusiasts. The event will have various classrooms, rooms and lounges where conferences will be held on topics such as responsible heritage roots and national success stories in wine tourism. One of the panels that I will be participating in will address the product and its marketing in wine tourism, discussing the tourism operation and its importance. This round table will feature experts from Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Spain. In addition, international success stories will be shared, highlighting responsible destinations and experiences. The program will also include business-to-business sessions with tour operators from regions such as Spain, Russia, China and Brazil, together with specialized media. In addition, the main tourist authorities of the region will participate.

How can you participate in the event?
In order to participate, we have a website: summitenoturismo2024.org, where you can not only access the complete program, but also the options to participate through the tourist packages, which include accommodation, participation in the different instances and transfers. In addition, there is information about the businessmen, tour operators and media who will be present. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for activities, attend the welcome cocktail, make technical visits, access the commercial exhibition, enjoy exclusive events and wine tastings.

In what context is the summit taking place? How does the natural environment of the Maldonado vineyards stand out?
The summit takes place in a context in which wine tourism is a global trend and Uruguay is already positioning itself as one of the countries with an outstanding offer in this area. We consider that this is an ideal opportunity to highlight Maldonado internationally as one of the regions with the greatest potential in wine tourism. Here, the professionalization of wineries, entrepreneurs and industry professionals, as well as the quality of the wines, are constantly increasing. The natural environment where the vineyards are located is truly paradisiacal. On the one hand, you can enjoy dinners with views of the Atlantic Ocean from the hills, while, on the other hand, the vineyards offer landscapes worthy of Italy or France. For example, Bodega Bouza offers the opportunity to feel transported to Europe, while at Bodega Garzón one can enjoy the mountains and vineyards of Maldonado. In Altos de la Ballena, on the other hand, you can talk with the owner and learn about her life story while enjoying extraordinary landscapes. We believe that the combination of the evolution in the world of wine in Uruguay, together with what Punta del Este offers in terms of quality of services and hospitality, positions Maldonado and Punta del Este as one of the most promising regions in wine tourism worldwide. world for the future.

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