Costa del Sol was promoted at the Human 2 Human event in Spain

Cocoa H2H Travel Market Ibero-America, took place at Evenia Hotel, Lloret del Mar, and had the participation of Costa del Sol tourism who made known all its offer and attractions

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In this context, Travel2latam spoke with Pilar Carrión, Tourism Promotion Manager of Costa del Sol, a region located south of the province of Malaga.

Tell us a little about your work…

Within Costa del Sol Tourism I am a Tourism Promotion Consultant and I represent Malaga, Costa del Sol Tourism, both outside and inside Spain. Our work is to promote the Costa del Sol-Málaga destination, and to promote not only the destination, but also all the businessmen that make up the Costa del Sol, which is one of the traditional destinations in Spain, with a history and professionalism of more than 50 years. 

Do you promote with professionals in the sector at a national and international level?

Yes, we do both, Turismo Costa del Sol travels all over the world. We are in Asia, Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America and North Africa. We always try to make the destination known in places where it is not known, and in those where it is a traditional destination for travelers, we continue to position ourselves and renew the offer. We also took the opportunity to work on the issue of air connectivity, since Malaga airport is the third most important in Spain. We have direct connectivity to most major European cities. For a few years now we have also had a direct connection to New York, with American Airlines, which operates from approximately March to October. Last year it was a weekly flight and now in 2024 there will be three weekly. And then we also have connectivity with other Asian and Arab countries.

How is Costa del Sol made up from the point of view of towns or cities? 

We are a public institution and we depend on the Provincial Council of Malaga. The capital is Malaga, and it is made up of 103 municipalities. They all have a lot of charm and personality, but the ones that always stand out the most are Marbella, Ronda, Antequera, and then the smallest ones, but they sound a lot like Frigiliana, Mijas, Nerja, and the truth is that they are the most chosen within the which is the province of Malaga. 

Is Costa del Sol known for anything in particular internationally? 

Yes, mainly because of the beach area, along with Marbella and the entire part of Torremolinos and Fuengirola. In addition, the Malaga Capital part has positioned itself as a fantastic cultural city for relaxing getaways at an international level. 

Picasso was born in Malaga and in collaboration between the Picasso family and the Malaga City Council, works were made for the Picasso Museum, and that has been very positive for the city, which from there began to grow culturally. It was a kind of wake-up call for other museums and that is why the Pompidou Museum in Paris opened the only branch it has outside of Paris in Malaga. The Thyssen Museum in Madrid also has its own museum in the city of Malaga. And then there are other super interesting ones, like the Russian Museum, with very important collections. More than 30 museums make up the city of Malaga. It also has an Arab castle. 

In the end, Malaga, like the history of Andalusia and Spain, is linked to the Arab and Roman past. It is a city whose center, which is all pedestrianized and is very easy to navigate to go shopping and enjoy restaurants, has a mix of cultures. Then you find the Gibraltar Castle and the Alcazaba that can be visited, you also have the panoramic view over the Bay of Malaga, and a port that, in addition to being beautiful, has its commercial and industrial part and a stroll. Right at the foot of the Alcazaba you also have the Roman Theater, the Picasso Museum nearby and the Malaga Cathedral, which is one of the largest in Spain.

You also have many cultural options not only at the museum level, but for example, the Malaga Film Festival, which has been held in the city for many years and attracts all national artists. Furthermore, our dearest Antonio Banderas, who is from Malaga, a few years ago opened a theater, the Teatro Sojo, in which each season there are different shows, where he himself is the protagonist. In short, it is a very lively, multicultural city, and it is also the capital of the Costa del Sol. Lastly, it is very easy to get around the entire province. The distances are short, the highways are very good and connectivity is very easy. You could say that Malaga is the gateway to Andalusia.

From the point of view of visitors, how many people visit Costa del Sol? 

The truth is that millions. I could tell you about eight or nine million that pass through Malaga airport. The main markets in volume are the British, French and German, but also the Nordic ones, such as the Dutch and, of course, the national one. We have a lot of national tourism that does not stop growing, and above all the American market is also increasing. 

Precisely, what is the relationship with the other side of the Atlantic?

For a few years now, the American market, North American and South American, is growing a lot. Our promotions in these destinations, both in the United States and Canada, as well as in countries like Mexico, Colombia or Brazil, are increasing precisely because we see that there is a great influx and interest there.

Regarding hotel infrastructure, are there new projects?

Yes, many. Destination professionals never stop inventing and renewing themselves. On the Costa del Sol, as it is a traditional destination, the hotel offer is immense. There are hotels for all tastes and budgets. We have everything from the large and wonderful Five Star Grand Luxury, which is the largest concentration in all of Spain and are in the area of ​​Marbella, Estepona, Benahavís and others, to the four or three star resorts for families, much more focused on the vacation segment. And they don't stop opening new hotels. In Malaga City, for example, we have a recent opening of Only You. We also have hotels like the Grand Hotel Miramar, which are wonderful. Then the classics are usually renovated and new hotels will open throughout the coastal area. Chains like Meliá have many hotels and very good ones, and for example Four Seasons is going to open one in the Marbella area. And of course, there are many hotels linked to golf courses. 

Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf…

Yes, in fact the brand used is Costa del Sol, Costa del Golf. I believe it is the most important golf destination in Europe, with 71 golf courses. The great professionals spend their seasons there, because the climate is so good that it allows them to play golf in broad daylight, with views of the sea on absolutely wonderful and professional courses, designed by great professionals. In fact, many of the hotels are on the courses themselves, and there are wonderful clubhouses for these players.

What is the motivation that an international tourist may have to come to Costa del Sol? 

It is a set of a little bit of everything. It is a destination that is European, that gives security and confidence. It is also Mediterranean and Andalusian, so it has a very good mix of culture and gastronomy, and the climate is also wonderful all year round. In December or January you can be perfectly fine with eighteen degrees on a sunny day, and the summers are milder than in the rest of the interior of Spain. And above all, it is a destination where professionals have been working for many years. Public-private collaboration is very good, and that means that the general offer of leisure, gastronomy, infrastructure and more is enormous and of high quality. 


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