Centropuerto and kupos.cl will connect regions of Chile directly with boarding terminals at Nuevo Pudahuel Airport

This connectivity will add comfort, safety and speed to passengers traveling to Santiago from regions to take a flight at the airport

(Source: kupos.cl)

As a way to continue innovating and provide greater comfort to passengers traveling by bus to and from the capital to take a flight at the Nuevo Pudahuel airport, kupos.cl and Centropuerto joined forces to offer the possibility of connecting their trip without leaving the Terminal Sur and Pajaritos stations.

This was announced by Amit Sodani, CEO and founder of kupos.cl, the largest land transport ticket sales platform in Chile, who specified that this alliance will particularly benefit those passengers who travel to and from regions to connect with the terminals of boarding from the country's main airport, giving them a more comprehensive travel experience.

In 2023, almost 23 and a half million people traveled through Santiago's main airport, of which it is estimated that just over 8 million passengers have as their origin or final destination towns on the outskirts of the city of Santiago such as Melipilla. , Paine, Curacaví, Isla de Maipo, Tiltil, among others, as well as cities located in the regions of Valparaíso, O'Higgins and Maule.

“Our site kupos.cl seeks to provide solutions that help improve the quality of the trip for all land transportation passengers, both in the regions and in Santiago, in an easy way. Although anyone can take this connection from the Sur and Pajaritos bus terminals, the main market for this service is for those passengers who travel to Santiago with the need to connect directly with the airport,” explained Amit Sodani, who added that since Today “they will be able to do it quickly, safely and, above all, with the convenience of doing it at the same time they buy their bus ticket, adding only the connection ticket. Then, at the station they will be able to take the approach bus without having to leave the terminal, just changing platforms.”

Martín Vicherat, Manager of Centropuerto, for his part, pointed out that "this alliance will allow us to provide a solution to thousands of users to make their connections to and from the National and International terminals of the airport in a much easier, safer, faster and more efficient way, without the need to leave the bus station with the added convenience of being able to buy the entire trip from your Smartphone from the moment you buy the bus ticket on kupos.cl.”

The connection service between the Nuevo Pudahuel airport and the Pajaritos and Terminal Sur bus stations will have a value of $2,000, and will have a frequency of services every 10 minutes, in the case of the first and every 20 to 30 minutes, in the second. season. The buses will operate between 06:00 and 22:00.

This new service adds to the offer of connections to the country's main airport that Centropuerto already offers from the Los Héroes and Maipú metro to the airport's boarding terminals.

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