Smart expense and travel management: what companies should keep in mind

In the context of a challenging global macroeconomy, having a platform that saves costs, generates efficiencies and improves the employee experience is key to staying competitive

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Digital technologies are consolidating themselves as allies of the finance areas: while Gartner detected that 78% of CFOs plan to increase their investment in IT even if global inflation continues, the consulting firm Fortune Business Insights estimated that the global solutions market of software for expense and travel management will continue to grow at a rate of almost 14% until 2030.

The objective is to achieve intelligent expense and travel management, which truly allows for cost savings, aligning budget items with business purposes, generating efficiencies in the finance area and improving the experience of employees in all sectors in relation to the presentation and settlement of expenses.

What aspects do companies have to take into account when choosing a solution for intelligent expense and travel management?

Peace of mind: audited solutions for compliance with the main global standards of security, privacy, business continuity, personal information management and service management for internal controls and security, contribute to providing greater confidence to companies.

Flexibility: offer multiple integration options with ERPs, such as SAP or with the rest of the key tools on the market.

Innovation: Integrate the latest technologies on the market, including generative AI, to improve accuracy, compliance and speed, while improving the customer experience.

Simplicity: Having single sign-on prevents frustrations for users and reduces system risks, creating a cleaner, more efficient experience and greater control over users and authentication policies.

Experience: Travel, expense and invoice systems affect all departments and are connected to the financial structure at the deepest levels. Correct implementation is essential.

SAP Concur, a global leader in integrated corporate travel and expense management solutions, delivers on all these counts. In addition, it stands out for, among other benefits, reporting expenses in a simple way, quickly accessing refunds, controlling the flow of money, avoiding fraud, contributing to sustainability strategies and allowing administrative areas to focus on adding value to the business.

“Our solution allows us to address the current challenges that all areas of finance are going through and, at the same time, think strategically for the future in a business world that changes at full speed,” said Carolina Borzatto, Marketing Director of SAP Concur for Latin America.

Source: SAP News Center.


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