Discover the best destinations to experience a fascinating Holy Week in Peru

With the arrival of Easter, the search for exciting destinations intensifies among travelers eager to explore new horizons

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This year, Peru is presented as a fascinating option with its cities of Ayacucho, Cusco and Arequipa, located in the south of the country, which offer a unique experience that combines history, culture and tradition. For Argentine tourists looking for authentic experiences during Holy Week, Peru stands as an unmissable destination that guarantees memorable vacations.

Ayacucho: religious fervor and traditions that captivate the heart
During Holy Week, the Plaza Mayor of Huamanga, capital of Ayacucho, is transformed into a vibrant scene of religious fervor and cultural celebrations.

In its massive processions, impressive and luminous platforms with images are displayed, which arouse the admiration of thousands of national and foreign tourists. The most striking is the procession of the Lord of the Resurrection, whose beautiful and imposing procession measures about 10 meters high, 5 meters long and weighs about 15
tons, which is carried by about 500 faithful. This is one of the most iconic festivities for Holy Week in Peru.

Ayacucho is a region full of beauty and history. The city of Huamanga has colonial churches, historical monuments, colorful local markets and various restaurants where you can try typical dishes such as spicy puca and guinea pig chactado. The Historical Sanctuary of the Pampa de Ayacucho and the Archaeological Complex of Vilcas Huamán are unmissable visits, while the natural pools of Millpu are ideal for nature lovers.

Cusco: monumental archeology and unparalleled beauty
In Cusco, Holy Week is celebrated with a variety of religious and cultural activities that reflect the city's ancient traditions. Solemn processions, theatrical performances of the Passion of Christ and other religious events fill the streets of the ancient Inca capital with an aura of devotion. Holy Monday is the central day, with the procession of the Taytacha de los Temblores or Lord of the Tremors. This representation of the crucified Christ, carried on a litter decorated with bright colors and traditional ornaments, travels along the main
roads of Cusco and mobilizes thousands of faithful.

Argentine tourists who visit the city of Cusco during this time have the opportunity to marvel at impressive Inca archaeological monuments, such as the Saqsaywaman Archaeological Park, and tour its magnificent Historic Center, which includes the Plaza de Armas, the Cusco Cathedral, the Temple and Convent of Santo Domingo - Qorikancha, the charming San Blas neighborhood, among other great attractions.

Arequipa: colonial elegance and unique gastronomy
Arequipa also experiences Holy Week with great religious fervor, being another ideal destination to visit on those dates. The activities begin on Palm Sunday, which brings together thousands of faithful who gather in the Cathedral Basilica of Arequipa and its splendorous churches of colonial architecture. From that day on, processions are held in which various religious images can be seen that are carried on colorful platforms through the beautiful, whitish streets of Arequipa. The Via Crucis is also performed, in which the life, passion
and death of Jesus are staged.

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Historic Center of Arequipa with its unique architecture made from ashlar (volcanic rock), the Monastery of Santa Catalina and the spectacular Colca Canyon, where they can enjoy impressive natural landscapes and observe the majestic flight of the condors.

And you cannot miss trying the exquisite Arequipa gastronomy. On Good Friday, the spicyrías (traditional restaurants) serve chupe de friday (soup made with cheese, milk and other ingredients) and some desserts, while on Easter Sunday, the 7-meat Easter Broth is served.

Connectivity data
Air connectivity between Argentina and Peru has seen significant improvements in recent years, with direct flights available from Buenos Aires to Lima, the Peruvian capital. From Lima, Argentine travelers have access to an extensive network of internal flights that connect the main Peruvian cities, including Ayacucho, Cusco and Arequipa. Additionally, direct interregional flights from Cusco to Arequipa and from Cusco to Ayacucho offer a convenient option for tourists who want to explore multiple destinations during their trip to Peru during Holy Week.

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