Azul Viagens performs São Paulo Tá On

The trio of managers from Azul Viagens and Azul Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes: Ricardo Bezerra, commercial manager; Daniel Bicudo, marketing and business director; and Giuliana Mesquita, product manager at Operadora Azul Viagem, met at a press conference on the 21st (Thursday), during the São Paulo Tá On event

(Source: Mary de Aquino.)

The first event took place in 2021, Cuiabá Tá On. With the success of the format in 2022, the circuit began in other cities such as: Rio, São Paulo, Goiânia, Belém, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Campinas, Brasília and Recife. There will be 10 training stages in new cities, including some that stand out in sales in the interior of São Paulo, such as: Presidente Prudente, Uberlândia, São José do Rio Preto, explained Ricardo Bezerra, commercial manager at Azul. He also highlighted the brand's presence in multi-brand agencies as very positive. As a payment method, Azul Viagens already worked with Santander and, a month ago, Bradesco also became a partner. The next step will be payment through installments via bank slip. "This method of payment for travel is very popular in Brazil, and today the demand is high, reaching 80% in Uberlândia, North and Northeast of Brazil", explains Bezerra.

Travel Blue Combos

Giuliana Mesquita, product manager at Operadora Azul Viagem, intends to make the trip more elaborate for experience tourism, developing what she calls "experience combos" already assembled. "Categorized projects, there is a huge challenge, there is a lot of information and this requires time, something more ready for the agent and client. We created the day by day package in Europe," says Mesquita.

New marketing campaigns

Daniel Bicudo, marketing and business director, invests in promoting the "Azul Viagens Combos", strengthening social networks, Azul Linhas Aéreas in-flight TV, Azul magazine, and has been working on a Azul Viagens web series, which should be launched still this year. "For the Blue Sky" is the name of Azul's new campaign, launched at the end of January, and started in the state of Paraíba, Paraíbe. It's worth remembering that the state is beautiful, and has the safest capital in the northeast, João Person. The destinations that should be successful in 2024 are: Maceió, Bariloche, Italy, Madrid, Parintins and the Brazilian northeast during São João. Curaçao, which inaugurated a flight last year, the trio of directors are unanimous in saying that the flight has gone well and new strategies are being rethought, but there are still challenges with more training and improving the combo with more quality. And Curaçao is a destination that has also done a lot for the campaign and partnership with Azul.

Agent Tá On

The 4th edition of the campaign should end later this year, and the prize will be in cash, as the other prizes were for cars and the agency sold the car to share the prize. Azul recruited 35 travel agents from all over Brazil to listen to the market, this occurs every three months and aims to further improve the services and objectives of tourists.

What moves the agent and the traveler

Ricardo Bezerra says that it is only possible to sell safely and that correct sales work, with real information, builds customer loyalty, which is why Azul invests in efficient training and an after-sales service. "We need to be responsible for the expectations we generate in customers", concludes Azul's commercial manager. Daniel said that Azul manages to capitalize on this well, that the group delivers what it is willing to do. Giuliana Mesquita reinforces the issue of a good customer experience in any aspect of the trip, which must meet this desire, from hotels with amenities and security to unique experiences.

Report and photos: Mary de Aquino.


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