The main unforeseen events on vacations: Lost luggage, accidents and cancellations

Ahead of the Easter break period, Allianz Partners, a global leader in travel assistance services, shares some of the most common unforeseen events that vacationers face

(Source: Twitter @IATA)

In this scenario, where a growing desire to travel and a more cautious profile of people come together, travel assistance services play a key role so that people can enjoy their vacations, even in the event of some eventuality. In this sense, the company shares five ways in which travel assistance can be useful for tourists:

1. Loss of documents. Guide and support in case of loss of passport, visa and/or identification to avoid problems with a reservation or flight. 

2. Loss of luggage. Coverage of the items that make up the luggage in case they are lost by the airline, tour operator or hotel and support for the purchase of essential items. 

3. Illnesses and accidents. Guidance to go to the most appropriate health center, regardless of the destination where the person is, covering the corresponding expenses. Even if additional accommodation is required due to an illness, for example in the case of quarantine or recovery at rest, assistance will cover this accommodation.

4. Interruption or cancellation of the trip. If a trip has to be canceled or ended early due to illness, accident, layoff or death of a family member, travel assistance can reimburse the part of the trip not taken.

5. Recreational and cultural activities. For a better experience, a travel assistance can provide vacationers with experts who can recommend restaurants, shows, cultural and sporting events, excursions and tours.

“We are experts in providing solutions to travelers so they can enjoy their vacation from the moment a flight takes off, a car starts or a cruise departs, and until they return home. And, we remind you, that a great advantage of assistance is that it takes care of current expenses, thus preventing people from using their own resources; That is, it is not a refund, but rather an immediate and tangible solution,” explained Joana del Toro, deputy director of Allianz Travel, the commercial brand of Allianz Partners for travel assistance.

Source: Allianz Partners.

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