How did Argentines travel in 2023? conducted a survey to find out some of the main characteristics of the trips made last year. Most traveled between 1 and 9 days

(Source: Twitter @aa2000oficial)

To understand some of the main choices of the Argentine travel community when traveling,, whose mission is to make getting to know the world easier for everyone, conducted a survey to find out the travel choices of Argentines during last year.

How many days did they travel in 2023?

From 1 to 9 days 45%

Between 10 and 19 36%

Between 20 and 29 13%

More than 30 4%

Who did they travel with?

Couple 42%

Children 35%

Parents 24%

Alone 17%

Friends 15%

Pets 4%

Where did they travel to?

To the beach 48%

City 41%

Visits to family and friends 34%

Nature trip 36%

Cultural 17%

Those who traveled to events. What types of events did they go to?

Musical festivals 10%

Marriages 5%

Sports events 5%

Regional events 5%

Other 6%

“Argentines have traveling in their DNA. They search, they search again, they compare prices again and again and they always find a way around the situation. 2023 was a great year for travel and we expect the same for this year, beyond the economic situation because ultimately the Argentine always travels,” commented Jimena Gutiérrez, general manager of for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.


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