Peru, a journey of spirituality during Holy Week

In Semana Mayor, Peru highlights four must-see cities for Colombian travelers: Ayacucho, Cusco, Arequipa and Lima

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Lent is approaching, a time of reflection and solemnity perfect for discovering all the mysticism and tradition that Peru keeps, in the company of family, loved ones or friends.

From the impressive ancestral monuments to the charming colonial streets, each of its attractions is impregnated with a valuable cultural heritage, ancient traditions and an aura of charm and spirituality. For those looking for a destination to stop during this Semana Mayor, Peru is presented as an unbeatable option to visit. Discover it!

Ayacucho: Charm, religiosity and tradition

Located in the central highlands of Peru, Ayacucho stands out for its deep-rooted religious traditions, especially during Semana Mayor, where the streets are flooded with fervent processions, floral carpets and biblical representations that attract visitors from all over the world. The procession of the Lord of the Resurrection is one of the most emblematic due to its impressive wax structure 15 meters high and 9 meters long, which is carried by more than 400 devotees.

Likewise, the city offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as the Ayacucho Cathedral, created in the 16th century with a baroque design and delicate sculptures of saints and angels. Other charms are: the Plaza Mayor, the Historical Sanctuary of the Pampa de Ayacucho and the archaeological complex of Vilcas Huamán. And to complement the travel experience you have to enjoy the local gastronomy, with traditional dishes such as "el puca spicy" and "el cuy chactado", which reflect the culinary richness of the region during these celebrations.

Cusco: Encounter between faith and Andean culture

Unlike other regions, in Cusco, Semana Mayor begins on Holy Monday with the procession of the Taytacha or Lord of the Tremors. This representation of the crucified Christ parades through the main Cusco roads in a structure decorated with flowers and traditional ornaments, which mobilize thousands of faithful from different parts of the world, in a ceremonial and reverent halo.

Cusco always welcomes tourists with open arms. Its Plaza de Armas and monuments such as its imposing Cathedral and the Church of the Company of Jesus, cause admiration because they uniquely fuse Inca and colonial architecture. While in the Temple and Convent of Santo Domingo - Qorikancha you can see the very ancient Inca walls that are still preserved since their reconstruction in the 17th century. In addition to this, Colombian tourists can delight in typical dishes such as Chiriuchu, baked guinea pig and Iawa or creamed corn.

Arequipa: Processions in a charming environment

Arequipa becomes a vibrant scene during Semana Mayor, where religious traditions merge with culture and culinary art. Several processions are held in which you can see various religious images that are paraded on colorful platforms through the beautiful streets of the also called "White City" due to the predominance of its ashlar constructions. Furthermore, on Good Friday the life, passion and death of Jesus is staged.

Travelers can find a fascinating combination of history, nature and adventure in Arequipa. It is quite an experience to walk through its impressive Historic Center, as well as tour the Monastery of Santa Catalina, a colonial masterpiece from the 16th century and one of the largest in Latin America. In addition, Arequipa cuisine invites you to taste traditional dishes on these dates such as Friday Chupe and 7-meat Easter Broth.

Lima: A journey full of devotion

Holy Week in the Peruvian capital brings together the faithful in its Historic Center, where imposing colonial churches of infinite beauty are erected. They range from masses to religious tours, such as the one to the 7 churches during Good Thursday and Good Friday. In addition, various processions take place that fill its streets with faith and devotion. The importance of this tradition is so great that Holy Week in the Historic Center of Lima was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

Visitors will always find culture, art and excellent gastronomic experiences in Lima. Its Historic Center with its colonial sites, the colorful Miraflores boardwalk and the vibrant mix of tradition and bohemia of Barranco, are must-see places for travelers.

If you travel to Lima you cannot miss trying succulent dishes such as traditional ceviche, causa marina or drinks such as pisco sour in restaurants, hotels and huariques (places with good food and good prices). It is not known as the gastronomic capital of America for nothing.

Connectivity data

Air connectivity between both countries has been strengthened with 76 weekly direct flights from cities such as Bogotá, Cali and Medellín to Lima, and 04 weekly flights from Bogotá to Cusco. In addition, the city of Lima has direct air connectivity with Ayacucho and Arequipa, and from Cusco you can also take direct flights to Arequipa. 

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