Holy Week: Greater profits for the hotel sector this season

Easter is not only a season full of religious meanings, but also holidays, economic activation and marketing campaigns

(Source: WTCC)

According to Andrea Echavarría, Client Services Director of the Travel & Hospitality cell at another, a strategic communication agency with the largest offering in Latin America, the entire hotel industry will have high demand and occupancy in its properties. However, she pointed out that despite meeting their reservations and even goals, many marketing experts have detected that several of their amenities have free spaces for tourists arriving at certain destinations.  

For example, the economic impact of Easter varies depending on countries and specific conditions. In Mexico, the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Service and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur) predicts that merchants will obtain sales of up to 275 billion pesos, while in Brazil a record of up to 3.44 billion reais in sales is expected. retailers, predicts the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC, for its acronym in Portuguese).  

The season is important for each country in the Latin American bloc, such as Guatemala, which is one of the countries with the greatest tradition and fervor with processions that will attract numerous tourists, or Honduras with nearly two million mobilizations, while in Argentina more days are expected. holidays for the bridge of those who fell in the Malvinas War, which will extend six consecutive days into a long weekend.  

Andrea Echavarría comments that the above data is an example of the relevance of the next hotel occupancy, which will have a significant increase. For example, estimates from the Colombian Hotel and Tourism Association (Cotelco) indicate that Holy Week will have an increase that would amount to up to 60%.  

“It is undeniable that the entire travel and hospitality industry will see an increase at this time. As every year, the staff is ready, prepared and psyched to offer excellent service throughout Latin America, however, we have observed that hotels can obtain extra profits in their common areas, or amenities,” added the specialist.  

The expert invited incumbents in the hotel sector to create a solid performance marketing strategy to boost reservations in their amenity areas, such as spas, pools, day pass promotions, reservations in their restaurants and recreational spaces.

To achieve this goal, it suggests offering all-inclusive packages that cover accommodation, meals, activities and additional services, giving tourists the convenience of having everything organized in one place. Likewise, implementing early booking discounts could motivate travelers to plan their vacations in advance, generating a sense of urgency to secure the best rates.

It also recommends highlighting the authentic experiences that the destination offers. Organizing cultural tours, local food tastings and outdoor activities that reflect the essence of tourist destinations can be very attractive for people looking for unique experiences.

On the other hand, it is crucial to harness the power of social media and travel platforms to promote hotel offers and amenities. Publishing attractive and specific content for Holy Week, as well as being present on different websites, can increase the visibility of the establishment and attract more tourists who visit the area, without having to be guests.  

Lastly, organizing special events, concerts, themed dinners, and recreational activities during Holy Week will also provide an unforgettable experience, which can result in positive referrals and repeat customers.

The expert in hospitality and travel clients adds that hoteliers need a strategic communication agency to activate these campaigns, where they will benefit from a personalized plan to generate new goals. 

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