WTM Trends Theater promises valuable insights to tourism professionals

Trends that impact the industry, results of sector surveys, data on traveler behavior are topics of the thematic theater during the event

(Source: WTM Global Hub)

Once again WTM Latin America innovates in the programming of “Trends”, a thematic theater that has as its pillar the division of data and key information, with the potential to guide the businesses of different segments.

“This is the space in which we highlight what brands understand as trends, how they work with these tools and how the industry behaves to give insights to professionals who can adapt the ideas and apply them to their businesses,” summarizes Virgínia Marques. , Marketing Manager of WTM Latin America. “To enhance the training, we will also have a talk on career development in tourism,” she adds.

Among the names already confirmed are those of consultants Marta Poggi and Jeanine Pires, specialists who take the stage of “Trends” to talk about the future of tourism from different perspectives. While the first will address the topic with emphasis on the paths that this industry follows and the possible opportunities and challenges, the second will highlight the data that paves this path by revealing the highlights of the Latin American travel market.

Starting with this edition, WTM Latin America is also committed to a diversity goal that applies to Trends and the other two thematic theaters – Transformation and Technology. Professionals who represent minorities must lead or participate in at least 50% of the talks, panels and debates on various topics. “We no longer want the black person to talk only about afrotourism or the wheelchair user to participate exclusively in issues related to accessibility. We will have professionals with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ and black people dealing with diverse topics throughout the programming,” Virgínia anticipates.

“This is an objective diversity guideline that we established from the moment of aligning the contents that will be offered to visitors in our theaters and that was fully supported by the curators with special attention to this year's motto that calls everyone to build of the future of the activity", says Bianca Pizzolito, head of WTM Latin America. “It is a positive challenge and one with which we are committed to the market, because if we assume the role of highlighting the change we must also be the change", concludes Virginia .

The complete schedule of talks, panels and debates will be available on the WTM Latin America website, which takes place between April 15 and 17, at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo. Free and mandatory to visit, regardless of the category of the visitor and students, the accreditation is now available through the website, from pages in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Source: WTM Latin America.

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