AI revolutionizes the Travel Industry

71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized experiences. The use of Artificial Intelligence allows us to anticipate the traveler's needs and personalize the experience

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In today's digital age, decision-making when planning a trip has changed dramatically, and data now guides travelers to the exact place and time to make a purchase.

It is not just about saturating the traveler with options, but about clearly understanding their preferences, their stage in the decision process and with that information offering destinations, hotels and experiences that align with their desires and needs. Thanks to the wealth of data, Sojern can identify where each traveler is in the conversion funnel and act accordingly.

The decision process begins with a general price search for destinations, flights, hotels and other travel-related products. The purchase decision is significantly influenced by the purchase of the plane ticket, due to price volatility. From there, complete your trip by adding hotels, car rentals, and attraction tickets.

Sojern stands out as a leading platform in using AI to understand and anticipate the needs of modern travelers, with more than 350 million monthly traveler profiles globally and 300 booking engine integrations that offer unprecedented insights into the purchasing behavior and travel preferences. According to a recent survey, 71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized experiences.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of the traveler

AI plays an important role in the way travelers make their decisions, becoming a key tool for travel planning, providing timely information about destinations and services, accurately understanding the travel needs of each user. This technology allows platforms like Sojern to analyze large volumes of data in real time, predict emerging travel trends, and personalize each traveler's experience. This means that tourists will receive recommendations and offers that match their personal preferences, budget and specific moment in their decision process, ensuring that the information reaches them at the most opportune time.

In the study “The State of Destination Marketing 2024” by the company Sojern, published a few days ago, it was revealed that 49% of destination marketing organizations (DMOs) expect a significant impact from AI.

In content creation and personalization, 37% believe it will have a high impact, while 44% said some impact. In creating and optimizing campaigns, 29% said it will have a high impact versus 47% who said some impact.

Additionally, AI will deepen the understanding of complex behavioral patterns, allowing tourism professionals to anticipate travelers' unspoken needs and offer solutions before they are even aware of them. This level of personalization and anticipation will improve the traveler experience and drive the efficiency of marketing campaigns, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Sojern uses AI to create audiences based on millions of search and purchasing behavior data, enabling exceptional segmentation and the delivery of highly effective advertising campaigns.

Regarding this panorama, Bruno Almeida, CEO of US Media, comments: “Precision and personalization in our advertising campaigns are not simply desirable, they are essential. Thanks to AI, we are in a unique position to not only understand, but predict the needs and desires of travelers, delivering messages that not only capture their attention, but truly resonate with them. This approach allows us to create genuine connections between brands and consumers, transforming each campaign into an open door to unforgettable travel experiences. At US Media, we believe this is the future of advertising in the travel industry, and we are proud to lead this change alongside Sojern.”

Source: US MEDIA.

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