New air routes will open from Peru to Argentina, Brazil and El Salvador in 2024

After its participation in the Routes Americas 2024 aerocommercial forum, PROMPERÚ announced the upcoming opening of new regional routes

(Source: Promperú)

Air connectivity will expand in Peru in the short term. After its participation in the Routes Americas 2024 aerocommercial forum, held in Bogotá, the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) announced the upcoming opening of new air routes to and from Argentina, Brazil and El Salvador.

Starting this year, various airlines that currently operate in Peru will offer direct connections with new destinations in Brazil and Argentina, which will represent a great opportunity to attract more tourists and investments from these destinations to our country.

“Peru's international air connectivity will be strengthened, especially in the South American region. This upcoming start of air operations to and from Argentina and Brazil will allow us to connect more with a public very interested in our traditions, natural landscapes and gastronomy,” said Angélica Matsuda, executive president of PROMPERÚ.

Regarding the Central American market, Avianca confirmed the start of operation of its Lima - San Salvador (El Salvador) flight since June of this year with three weekly frequencies. In turn, it is planned to increase connectivity with San José, Costa Rica and other areas of the Caribbean by 2025.

In the 29 meetings between representatives of PROMPERÚ and airlines from different parts of the world, during Routes Americas 2024, the growing interest that these companies have in opening direct connectivity routes with our country was evident. An example of this is the approaches of Middle Eastern airlines interested in opening new direct connection routes between our country and said area.

The attractiveness that Peru has for airlines around the world lies, in part, in the development of mega infrastructure and connectivity projects in strategic areas of our territory.

“We have noticed a high interest, on the part of the airlines, in the progress and unblocking of infrastructure investment projects such as the expansion of the Jorge Chávez International Airport, the construction of the Chinchero international airport (Cusco) and the beginning of the operations of the Port of Chancay, because the implementation of this infrastructure will boost activity and business in various economic sectors, and will improve connectivity for tourists,” said Matsuda Matayoshi.

It should also be noted that during the meetings of the Peruvian delegation, the possibility of opening new direct routes from Lima to Washington, Orlando and Chicago was addressed, and increasing the offer of seats and frequencies with direct flights and connections to and from Canada.


According to Mincetur figures, during 2023, 130,760 Brazilian tourists visited Peru, while 99,048 Argentine tourists did the same. These numbers represent 5.2% and 3.9% of the total tourists who visited our country that year, respectively.

Brazil and Argentina were the sixth and eighth countries with the highest number of citizens visiting Peru in 2023, respectively. 

Source: Promperú.

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