Destination Termas in Uruguay launched the Autumn - Winter 2024 season

Destino Termas, a work space articulated between the Ministry of Tourism, the municipalities of Salto and Paysandú and private operators from both departments, presented the Autumn Winter 2024 Season with the slogan “May month of discounts at Destino Termas

(Source: Ministerio de Turismo de Uruguay)

The objective of this activity was to publicize the different discount options that will be offered by private operators or municipal complexes, as a way to attract tourists to the destination.

At the launch held at the Ministry of Tourism, Adrián Popruzuk, representative of the private operators, pointed out that “it is a very important day for us, both for the department of Salto, Paysandú and the private sector that I proudly represent, because they are coming months winter and cold, where we know that one of the main objectives of our destination is thermal water, although not only water, but we have positioned ourselves as a destination where the public seeks religious, shopping and recreational tourism.

In this sense, Popruzuk pointed out that “we have attractions, as well as a tourist and hotel offer for all expectations,” he concluded.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Municipality of Salto, Gustavo Chiriff, pointed out that “it is a very important launch because for us the autumn-winter is the high season, where a lot of people, especially from the south of the country and the metropolitan area, not having the destination of sun and beach, goes to the coast to enjoy the hot springs.

In particular reference to Salto, Chiriff highlighted that “it has a lot of things to offer. From thermal waters and parks, nature tourism, sport fishing, cultural tourism, religious tourism, bird watching. That is to say, in Salto there is a range of possibilities, where tourists can enjoy hot springs, but also other activities,” he concluded.

Regarding promotions, the leader highlighted that to attract more tourists, from private ventures and also the ventures of the Municipality, there are benefits to access accommodation and also tickets to thermal parks at a lower cost. In this case, for example in Termas de Daymán, all visitors in the fall-winter season will pay the resident rate, which is $150, he concluded.

Then, the Secretary General of the Municipality of Paysandú, Fermín Farinha, highlighted that his department has a diversified tourist offer: Guaviyú Hot Springs, Almirón, the latter are the only salt water hot springs in the country, to which is added a cultural proposal and a department that is prepared to receive visitors with “intensity and, above all, safety.”

Farinha also highlighted the natural environments, river tourism with walks on the Uruguay River and also a cultural proposal that is attractive, such as “Paysandú es Tango”.

Finally, the leader stressed that for this specific season, a package of benefits and promotions has been arranged, in this case from the private sector to the public sector, so that whoever decides to go to Paysandú has the possibility of doing so in a promotional manner, with tourist packages, also added with walking tours in the city itself and also in the surroundings of the hot springs, where there is a very important historical tourism activity, he concluded.

Finally, the General Director of the Secretariat, Ignacio Curbelo, pointed out that “we are very excited to accompany this launch of the high season of one of the most important tourist products that the country has. When this time of year comes, people want to go to the hot springs. But fortunately the destination has become seasonally adjusted and today, both Uruguayans and foreign visitors, enjoy thermal destinations all year round, which is also, of course, very important for the sector, said the MINTUR leader.

Curbelo highlighted that the thermal destination is also accompanied by a number of attractions that can be done throughout the year and that these departments offer: nature tourism, the possibility of hiking, the natural waterfalls that in that area are accompanied by a singular and excellent gastronomy and with very good quality services and a very good infrastructure.

In this sense, Curbelo expressed that “there is a varied infrastructure in the thermal region where one can stay in a campsite, a cabin, inn or even in a five-star hotel. This allows all families and all budgets to go and enjoy these destinations, he summarized.

Promotional Activity at Shopping Terminal Tres Cruces

As a complementary activity, on Friday, April 12, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the central roundabout of the Tres Cruces Terminal level, the Ministry of Tourism, together with the Municipalities of Salto and Paysandú and the private operators of Destino Termas, present its promotional campaign for the fall – winter 2024 season, the highlight of which is May month of discounts at Destino Termas.

The Tres Cruces Shopping Terminal symbolizes a neuralgic place, a center that connects with the entire country, and represents the starting point of many people's vacations, connecting directly with the Terminal Shopping Malls of Salto and Paysandú.

On the official social networks of Shopping Tres Cruces, raffles are active with different prizes that include accommodation, gastronomy and tours, as a sample of everything that Salto and Paysandú have to offer.

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