ATM Dubai: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. seeks to increase connection with the world

The 31st edition of Arabian Travel Market (ATM) took place from May 6 to 9 in Dubai, with important representation of tourist destinations around the world, including the Caribbean island

(Source: Travel2latam)

In this context, Travel2latam spoke with Cheryl Carter, COO of BTMI, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Can you give me any details about your participation in this incredible exhibition? 

This is the second year that Barbados is here at ATM. We are very interested in developing travel from this region to Barbados. Over the years we have had some groups, families and royals come and stay on the island, and we have seen a growth in the number of visitors to this region in recent years, in the post-COVID era. We are participating in a series of activations, working with the travel train, with the media, analyzing consumer activations. We are working with several influential travel advisors exploring the possibility of broadcasting a morning TV show from Dubai live from Barbados. We are also looking for strategic partnerships so that we can continue to raise awareness about Barbados, thereby getting people interested in going to Barbados and the region. We also want airlines to consider implementing a direct service. 

Connectivity is very important right now. What is your connection like on the other side of the Atlantic? 

For people who are prepared to connect outside of London, we have a daily direct service to the British in the winter months, with Virgin Atlantic. Last winter it increased to double a day. We think it may return next winter. We also have a direct flight from Manchester. So in terms of connectivity in the UK, it is quite easy, and no visa is required.

They have made a big investment here, but world, what are your expectations in the near future in this regard?

Our intention, as I said before, is to generate awareness and interest in traveling to Barbados. We'd love to see a direct service finally get underway on the route. We are committed to the development of the market, which is why we are here for the second year. And we hope to work with NATA to generate that interest, generate that traffic and have more people from this region come to see Barbados.


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