Scandinavia and the Fjords: Discover stunning landscapes with Europamundo Vacaciones

Discover the impressive landscapes of Scandinavia and the Fjords, a region of incomparable natural beauty that captivates travelers with its majesty and charm with Europamundo Vacaciones

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Explore Nordic Europe, including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, plus you have the option to connect to Poland for an even more enriching experience.



With bus trips, you will have the opportunity to reach incredible towns and dream places, where nature unfolds in its maximum splendor. From majestic fjords to lush forests and mountain landscapes, every corner of this region will take your breath away.

Included sightseeing tours of major cities allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this fascinating region, while more than 40 itinerary combinations give you the flexibility to customize your trip to your interests and preferences.

“Legendary Fjords End Copenhagen (10 days), Nordic Tour Start Copenhagen (12 days) or Nordic Jewels and Poland End Tallinn (13 days)… These are just some examples of the routes carefully designed and created by Europamundo” point out from Visit Norway, partner tour-operator exception.

Europamundo's general services guarantee a comfortable and safe experience, with coach tours accompanied by expert guides in Spanish and Portuguese, basic travel insurance, accommodation in quality hotels and buffet breakfast to start each day with energy.

"Scandinavia and the Fjords offer a unique travel experience, where nature and culture intertwine to create unforgettable memories," says Alejandro de la Osa, CEO of Europamundo. "We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to explore this spectacular region with Europamundo Vacaciones."

For more information about Europamundo Vacaciones' exciting Scandinavia and Fjord tours, visit the website or contact your usual operator.

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