IHG Hotels & Resorts and the UN promoting a sustainable future

IHG Hotels & Resorts, committed to the future of responsible business, calls on the entire hotel industry to collaborate

(Source: IHG Hotels & Resorts)

The travel and hospitality industry is in constant growth, registering more than one billion international travelers in 2023, a figure that is forecast to increase. This sector is responsible for 1 in 10 jobs in the world, in addition to contributing more than 7.7 trillion dollars to global GDP, boosting macroeconomies and helping local communities prosper.

Of all the motivators that trigger development in the industry, perhaps the greatest is people's inherent desire to travel, whether for leisure, business or flowing between these two styles. Traveling is part of what makes us human; It brings us closer to our dreams and brings together family or friends to create memories together.

The magnitude of the hospitality industry provides a significant opportunity to positively influence our world. But generating this positive impact comes with a challenge: the need to adapt our current infrastructure to be more sustainable and ensure that as we continue to grow, we do so responsibly.

At IHG Hotels & Resorts, we work on it. After all, caring for our people, communities and our planet is why we do what we do, fundamental to how we operate and something we are known for. That is why today we are a proud partner of VISION 2045.

With more than 6,300 hotels around the world, we value our opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of people every day, supporting local economies, helping to generate prosperity and acting as a positive force in communities. All of this, in line with the high expectations of owners, guests, colleagues and investors regarding the relationship between companies and the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda. A set of practices designed with the purpose of guiding companies towards more sustainable actions.)

At the core of our actions is Journey to Tomorrow, the responsible business plan of IHG Hotels & Resorts, towards 2030; which embodies our purpose of always offering genuine hospitality, in addition to aligning with the 17 sustainable development goals set out in the 2030 agenda of the UN (United Nations Organization).

Included in this IHG plan are high-impact commitments to foster a diverse culture where everyone can thrive, improve the lives of 30 million people, and help protect our planet by reducing carbon emissions and waste, or protecting consumption. of water.

We are proud of the progress made, as listed within our Annual Report, but we recognize that one company cannot do it alone. It takes a collective effort to achieve positive impact on a large scale, which is why we are collaborating to achieve long-term change with our hotel owners, whom we support in many ways, including guidance and tools to measure their sustainability results.

As for our guests, we are equally committed, offering them more sustainable options when they stay in our hotels.

Collaboration with expert organizations is also vital, we support those involved in natural disasters, those dedicated to providing training and also those fighting against food poverty around the world.

But if we want to drive large-scale change, it is vital that businesses, trade bodies and governments also work together. That is why we play an active role in this area, for example, coordinating our efforts with the World Travel & Tourism Council, and supporting the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

As IHG and our industry continue to grow, so does the opportunity before us. By working together in the right way, we will make a sustainable difference for future generations.

Source: IHG Hotels.

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