TourReview launches Review Collector and transforms the management of tour and activity reviews

Review Collector includes customizable surveys with multiple question types and visuals to improve engagement and clarity

(Source: Tour Review)

TourReview, the AI-powered travel review platform for the travel and activities industry, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Review Collector. This powerful new tool is set to revolutionize the way tour operators collect, manage and analyze customer reviews, solidifying TourReview's commitment to making the voice of the customer the most important KPI.

TourReview has developed the Review Collector to better respond to the changing needs of the travel industry and include some key new features:

Customizable surveys: Operators can customize their surveys. Choose from several types of questions, such as binary scale, rating scale, Likert scale, and open questions. Visual elements such as emojis and stars can be added to increase engagement and clarity.

Flexible distribution: Surveys can be sent via multiple channels such as SMS, WhatsApp and email, ensuring maximum reach and convenience for customers.

Real-time visual statistics: The Review Collector dashboard provides real-time visual statistics of active survey results, allowing operators to stay up-to-date on customer satisfaction and quality of experience.

Seamless Integration with Review Master: Traders using Review Master can access and manage all reviews collected and published across multiple OTAs from a single interface. A widget can display overall ratings and individual tour ratings on the operator's website, improving online reputation and encouraging potential visitors to book.

Choosing the right surveys and question types is crucial for tour operators to collect actionable data. TourReview supports tour operators by allowing extensive customization of surveys to suit their specific needs, ensuring the collection of meaningful and useful data. By offering a variety of question formats, such as binary, rating, Likert scales, and open-ended questions with visuals, the Review collector ensures that operators collect relevant and comprehensive information.

Juana Muro, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TourReview, says: "During our journey, we have discovered the pressing need for tour operators to receive their own reviews directly from customers after a tour or activity. Since our inception, we have empowered to tour operators with our Review Master, an integrated AI and BI software that simplifies the management of online reviews. The Review Master has enabled operators to respond to reviews from a single dashboard, while analyzing. opinions through NPS, ratings, sentiment, keywords and much more.”

"Building on this success, today we are pleased to introduce Review Collector, a tool that integrates seamlessly with Review Master. This innovative solution allows tour operators to collect new online reviews through various booking systems or directly via CSV files. Additionally, Review Collector offers the flexibility to fully customize survey questions and distribute them via SMS, WhatsApp or email.”

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