RIU bets on Achilles to make its supply chain more sustainable

The hotel company and Achilles have signed an agreement according to which all RIU suppliers will gradually be included in its recognized ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) evaluation system

(Source: Riu Hotels & Resorts)

RIU Hotels & Resorts is the first large international Spanish hotel chain to sign an agreement with Achilles worldwide. Achilles is recognized worldwide as an expert in supply chain risk management and specialist in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. This agreement represents a significant milestone in RIU's commercial relationship with its suppliers and reflects its commitment to its Proudly Committed strategy, since, to achieve relevant advances in sustainability, RIU needs to involve the entire value chain and suppliers of goods and services. services are a key piece.

Achilles offers truly in-depth assessments, including on-site audits, to provide the level of supply chain transparency and trust that today's most ethical and conscious organizations with their impact on the community and ecosystems truly require. After analyzing the documentation, each supplier receives a score that assesses its level of compliance and commitment in aspects of environmental, social and governance sustainability. In addition, you agree to be part of an extensive and prestigious international community of qualified suppliers that meet ESG criteria.

As part of its continuous effort to place sustainability at the center of its decisions and in order to maximize the positive impact of its operations, both on society and on the ecosystems of the destinations where it operates, RIU has adopted the rating system of Achilles suppliers with the aim of ensuring a constant level of excellence in its supply chain.

This system will allow RIU to guarantee that all its collaborators meet the highest quality standards in terms of social, ethical and environmental responsibility. The implementation of the Achilles rating system is a step forward in RIU's promise to work exclusively with suppliers that demonstrate responsible practices and is an action aligned with its Proudly Committed Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

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