Quito holds Road Show in São Paulo and highlights its tourist attractions

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is a prominent tourist destination in Latin America, and to further promote its attractions, the city held a Road Show in São Paulo

(Source: Mary de Aquino.)

Rubén Lara, international promotion coordinator at Quito Turismo, participated in the event and highlighted the different aspects that make Quito an unmissable place for tourists.

Quito attractions

Rubén Lara emphasized that Quito is not only a transit point to destinations such as the Galapagos, the Ecuadorian coast or the Amazon, but also a destination full of its own activities. Among the highlights are the exuberant nature, outdoor activities, visits to volcanoes and cloud forests rich in bird diversity, ideal for avitourism and camping.

Lara said that Quito has the best preserved historic center in Latin America, recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1978. This historic center is full of churches, monuments and works of art that tell the city's history. Furthermore, the city offers a modern area with excellent restaurants that present a diverse cuisine, combining products from the coast, the Amazon and the Andean region, prepared by internationally renowned chefs.

Length of stay and neighboring cities

To properly explore Quito, the ideal is a stay of three to four days. This allows visitors to discover both the historic and modern parts of the city, as well as shopping and nature tourism.

Close to Quito, less than two hours away, there are several cities and attractions. To the south, it is possible to appreciate the Cotopaxi volcano. To the north, cities like Ibarra and Otavalo, home to the largest artisanal market in Latin America, are unmissable. The Papallacta hot springs, located just 45 minutes from the city.

Tourist structure

Quito has a wide and varied hotel offer, including international chains such as Swissotel, Marriott, Ibis and Hilton, as well as boutique hotels that provide differentiated experiences for guests. The recent opening of the Quito metro facilitates mobility around the city, allowing tourists to move quickly between different areas, at an affordable cost of just 45 cents.


Ecuador adopted the American dollar as its official currency, which makes life easier for Brazilian tourists, who can exchange reais for dollars at the airport or at several banks in the city. According to Lara, despite dollarization, Quito continues to be an economic destination with accessible services.

Partnership with GMS

Luciana Alonso, regional sales manager at Global Marketing Sales (GMS), announced the new partnership with Quito Turismo to promote the city. GMS will be responsible for the promotion and public relations of Quito, with the aim of increasing the frequency of passengers from Latin America and Brazil to the Ecuadorian capital. “Air connectivity is robust, with regular flights from companies such as Avianca, Copa and LATAM,” said Alonso.

Air connectivity

Airlines such as Avianca and Copa Airlines participated in the Road Show in São Paulo. Copa Airlines offers flights from several Brazilian cities, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Manaus and Florianópolis, with a connection in Panama to Quito. In May 2024, Avianca operated 251 weekly flights on 133 routes, connecting 25 countries, standing out as an important option for flights. There are 29 weekly flights leaving from Panama City to Quito.

Among the main airlines that operate flights to Quito are AeroMéxico, AirEuropa, American Airlines, Delta, Iberia, JetBlue, KLM, LATAM, United and Wingo.

Quito Road Show Calendar

June 17: Santiago

June 18: Rio de Janeiro

June 19: São Paulo

June 20th: Campinas

June 21: Lima

Report and photo: Mary de Aquino.

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