Minor Hotels continues with its expansion plan in Latin America and globally

One year after Felipe Mihovilovic took over as director of development and expansion for the Americas, he continues to open doors to growth opportunities

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Minor Hotels, a hotel owner, operator and investor, currently with a portfolio of 540 hotels and resorts in 56 countries located in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Indian Ocean, celebrates Felipe Mihovilovic's first anniversary as Director of Development and Expansion for the Americas.

During this year, Mihovilovic has successfully led the expansion strategy, aiming to increase Minor Hotels' positioning in the region, consolidating its presence and opening the doors to new growth opportunities. Below, Mihovilovic gives details about it.

What are the distinctive characteristics of some of the brands in the Minor Hotels portfolio?

Some distinctive brands include Anantara, which offers premium high-end luxury; Avani, focused on comfort and connection with the destination; Elewana, renowned for accommodations in iconic locations such as Kenya and Tanzania; and Oaks, ideal for corporate travelers and leisure tourists. NH Hotels and Resorts and NH Collection, high and mid-range hotels that are distinguished by their privileged locations, while Tivoli offers unique experiences since its origin in Portugal, and Nhow is characterized by its innovative design.

How has Minor Hotels expanded in Latin America?

Minor Hotels has introduced the AVANI brand to Latin America with openings in Bogotá, Colombia, and Cancún, Mexico. AVANI focuses on combining modern comfort with authentic connections to local culture, offering first-class experiences and a relaxed atmosphere.

Avani is a global hospitality brand in the lifestyle segment, which was born on December 1, 2011 in Kalutara, Sri Lanka, expanded throughout Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, has 42 hotels in 24 countries and around of 7,000 rooms.

With AVANI, we are focused on hotels that adapt to how we travel, thoroughly understanding the needs of our guests. Our goal is to be an integral part of the destination that offers a wide range of gastronomic experiences, fashion, entertainment, culture and history. We focus on providing a stay that promotes well-being and fosters an authentic connection with the local destination.

What plans does Minor Hotels have to introduce a second brand in the region?

The opening of the Nhow Lima Hotel is planned for the first half of 2025 in Miraflores, Peru. Nhow is a lifestyle brand that stands out for its innovative design and unique experiences, reflecting local culture in each of its hotels.

The Nhow brand is characterized by its focus on innovation, avant-garde design and creating unique experiences for its guests. nhow hotels are characterized by being modern and creative that combine art, fashion, music and design in their aesthetics and in the way they provide service. Each nhow hotel tends to reflect the culture and atmosphere of its location, making each one have a unique identity. This is reflected in the decoration, architecture, music and events that take place there.

This hotel will be located in the Miraflores district, 100 meters from Kennedy Park, and will have 243 rooms distributed over 17 floors, 7 lounges, 3 directories, restaurant-bar, cafeteria and rooftop; It will be the first hotel of the Nhow brand in America and will become the second largest Minor Hotels hotel in the region, thus adding 58 in Latin America.

Nhow Hotels currently has 8 hotels operating around the world.

What factors drive Minor Hotels' expansion in Latin America?

Growth opportunities in Latin America are a key factor, as well as the diversity of brands in the portfolio and a flexible and adaptable business model.

This emerging region offers a dynamic and ever-expanding market for the hotel industry, giving Minor Hotels the opportunity to establish itself and grow significantly.

Additionally, the diversity of brands within the Minor Hotels portfolio, each with its own distinctive profile and DNA, contributes to our global presence.  

Our flexible and adaptable business model is a key factor. This versatility allows us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and take advantage of new growth opportunities around the world.

This allows Minor Hotels to take advantage of new growth opportunities around the world.

What new brand profiles has Minor Hotels incorporated into the group?

The integration with Minor is allowing us to enhance our business thanks to the diversity of the portfolio that is made up of eight brands: Anantara, Avani, Elewana, Oaks, NH Hotels, NH Collection, Nhow and Tivoli, consolidating our positioning in the Upper Upscale and high end, both in urban hotels, branded residences and resorts, under different operating models. In the last five years as part of Minor Hotels, we have made progress in the luxury and vacation segment, aiming to become one of the main players in Latin America.

What business models does Minor Hotels use in Latin America?

Minor Hotels manages various business models, including own hotels, management, leasing, and franchising. This diversity allows us to adapt to different market conditions and attract investors and owners.

How does Minor Hotels capitalize on its presence in Latin America to develop the MICE segment?

Minor Hotels has more than 35,572 m² dedicated to events in the region, with 302 rooms and spaces in hotels in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and Ecuador. They offer a variety of event spaces, from large halls to outdoor areas, ensuring quality in product and service.

Does Minor Hotels participate in any loyalty programs and what is its impact?

Yes, Minor Hotels is part of the Global Hotel Alliance and its GHA Discovery loyalty program. This program expands the company's commercial reach, offering exclusive benefits to its members and fostering customer loyalty.

How has the GHA Discovery loyalty program impacted Minor Hotels?

GHA Discovery has enabled Minor Hotels to access a global network of more than 800 hotels, facilitating direct sales and increasing customer loyalty through exclusive benefits and unique experiences.

What is your main objective as director of development and expansion for the Americas region of Minor Hotels?

My main objective is to move forward with determination in the expansion plan and strengthen the group's positioning, highlighting the diversity of brands in our Minor Hotels portfolio.

Fuente: Minor Hotels.

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