Universal Orlando Resort reveals details about Dark Universe: a sinister world of monsters coming in 2025

Guests of all ages will explore the shadowy town of Darkmoor, home to universal monster legends such as Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster and more

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Next year, Universal, the pioneer of the horror genre, will bring its timeless monsters to the present with the debut of Dark Universe, one of five immersive worlds featured in the new Universal Epic Universe opening in 2025. The Most Mysterious In The world of Universal Orlando's newest theme park, this captivating new land will envelop guests in monster adventures through various attractions, shops, restaurants and character encounters that will thrill everyone from families to classic Monster fans.

Created by Universal's award-winning creative team in association with Universal Pictures, Dark Universe combines the iconic stories of supernatural legends such as Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster, Bride of Frankenstein and more with a new generation of monsters and characters, including Dr. Victoria Frankenstein: great-great-granddaughter of the infamous Henry Frankenstein who has continued his misguided experiments. As guests venture through Darkmoor, the devastated village within Dark Universe, they will encounter the characters and subjects of those experiments within a one-of-a-kind theme park environment that offers fun for the entire family and at the same time. at the same time it crosses the limits of intensity. a way that only Universal could achieve.


The journey to the Dark Universe begins the moment visitors enter its electrifying portal, which harnesses the dark energy of Darkmoor. As visitors enter, that same energy will pulse throughout the town and connect at the top of Frankenstein Manor, the towering focal point of Dark Universe. Located within the city's blackened stone walls, visitors will embark on unique adventures where they can be made up to look like their favorite monsters, spin through the forest aboard a thrilling family roller coaster, enjoy unique restaurants, enter to Frankenstein Manor to confront Universal. Orlando's scariest ride and more.

Here's more information about the exciting but disturbing attractions and entertainment experiences that await visitors to Dark Universe:

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment – ​​Universal Orlando's scariest attraction yet, this state-of-the-art dark attraction takes guests deep into the catacombs of Frankenstein Manor, where Dr. Victoria Frankenstein carries out her twisted experiments . In a vain display of her genius, she invites guests to her laboratory to witness a demonstration of her ability to control monsters, but her plans go awry when her attempts to control the most dangerous of monsters, Dracula, fail, unleashing an horde of angry people. monsters. Guests will then be thrust into an intense journey through the darkness as they attempt to evade the clutches of the Wolfman, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Brides of Dracula and others.

Curse of the Werewolf – Deep in the forest that sits on the edge of Darkmoor, guests will find Curse of the Werewolf, a spinning family coaster inspired by “The Wolf Man.” Visitors will enter the Mystics Guild camp, where they will be greeted by Maleva, the seer and omniscient leader of the guild, who warns them that they bear the mark of the werewolf. Guests then board a wagon and venture into the woods, racing to escape the werewolves before they themselves become one.

Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience: Guests of all ages can become fashionable monsters while getting face painting and temporary tattoos at the Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience. Here, the monster creators have converted Dr. Pretorius's infamous former laboratory into a hall to carry on the spirit of their insane experiments, and skilled craftsmen use their talents to transform the outward appearance of guests so they can show off their hobby. by the Universal Monsters.

Meet the Monsters: There's always someone... or something... lurking in the shadows of the Dark Universe, including monsters eager to meet and greet everyone from children to adults, including Dr. Victoria Frankenstein's monster and the seductive Bride of Frankenstein. Visitors will also encounter other unusual inhabitants wandering the mysterious village, including Victoria Frankenstein's servant Ygor, the invisible man, an eccentric monster hunter, and a talented musician who delights visitors with songs and tales from the classic stories of Universal Monsters.

Guests can also sample delicious dishes and shop for all-new merchandise and apparel during their visit to Dark Universe at highly themed restaurants and retail stores, including:

Das Stakehaus: Darkmoor's most sinister restaurant. This establishment is a diner run by vampire “familiars” who size up unsuspecting customers to become part of the vampire feast. Surrounded by artwork and artifacts detailing the history of the town's nocturnal creatures, guests can enjoy a menu of kebabs, burgers, sandwiches and more.

The Burning Blade Tavern – Although the windmill blades still periodically smolder and burn, the monster hunters of Darkmoor have transformed this ancient fiery mill into their favorite haunt. While enjoying a menu of burgers, wings, bratwurst, pretzels and specialty drinks, guests will hear stories of the infamous "Hounds" (boastful hunters from beyond Darkmoor) while surrounded by an impressive display of monster heads they consider their " trophies". "

De Lacey's Cottage: Near Frankenstein Manor is the De Lacey's Cottage food stand, where the original Frankenstein's monster once received sustenance and friendship. Here, guests can find a variety of snacks and fresh treats like cinnamon bread, ice cream, twisted potatoes, and more.

Visitors can take home a piece of the immortal world of Dark Universe with commemorative products and souvenirs from retailers such as Scientific Oddities by Pretorius.

Fuente: Epic Universe News.


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