SITE reveals insights into incentive travel trends for 2024

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) has launched its latest research project, which aims to provide insight into the changing landscape of incentive travel and motivational events

(Source: Impronta CL)

SITE's new snapshot report, "Incentive Travel & Motivational Events," dives into the current trends, challenges, and opportunities faced by corporate planners who are at the forefront of designing impactful incentive experiences.

This comprehensive study, supported by Hilton, reflects the perspectives of nearly 100 global corporate event organizers and promises to be a crucial resource for industry professionals.

SITE CEO Annette Gregg emphasizes the importance of this research in her statement: “In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing event landscape, staying informed through data-driven insights is more critical than ever. Our latest study offers a detailed view of what’s on the minds of industry professionals who are responsible for creating memorable and effective incentive travel programs. We are proud to partner with Hilton to bring this invaluable information to our members and industry colleagues.”

The study covers a range of topics, including destination selection criteria, planners’ educational backgrounds, and key factors influencing the success of incentive events. It also highlights preferred partnerships and collaboration strategies that lead to the best outcomes for these events.

Kim Napolitano, Executive Director, Industry Relations & Intermediary Group Sales for Hilton, shares her enthusiasm for the project: “At Hilton, we recognize the critical role that incentive travel plays in driving motivation and business success. Supporting actionable research like this is a cornerstone of our commitment to the incentive industry. We believe that informed, data-driven insights are essential for strategic decision-making and planning. This report provides a comprehensive view of current trends and challenges, and we hope it serves as a valuable resource for planners and suppliers alike.”

Key findings from the report include:
Destination selection: safety, health, and security are now as crucial as destination appeal and infrastructure.
Professional development: a significant portion of planners have over a decade of experience, highlighting the depth of expertise in the industry.
Partnerships: DMCs and hotel representatives are seen as vital partners, more so than local affiliate offices.


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