'Silent holidays', a new trend for this summer 2024

This term refers to when people who work remotely take time off without notifying their employers, leaders or colleagues

(Source: PROA Comunicación)

According to an analysis by Allianz Partners, a global leader in travel assistance services, a new trend known as 'silent vacations' is gaining strength this summer. This phenomenon refers to people working remotely and taking time off without notifying their employers, managers or colleagues, maintaining the appearance of being working by occasionally answering emails or joining video calls.

The 'silent vacation' reflects an adaptation to new post-pandemic work realities that have fostered the rise of remote work. Globally, nearly 1 in 3 people say the ability to work remotely is important to their overall job satisfaction, while half value having flexible work schedules.

This trend has gained traction as more people look for ways to balance their work responsibilities with the need for rest and disconnection, mainly young people from Generation Z and Millennials. Such a scenario also reveals how a more casual and permissive approach is adopted regarding socio-labor rules and expectations; as well as the relevance of rest and fun. In this regard, it is noteworthy that 56% of Mexicans surveyed stated that vacationing is an important part of their identity.

The reasons behind this 'silent vacation' phenomenon relate to the stigma around taking paid time off. Some people fear that formally requesting time off, especially during busy periods, may make them appear less committed to their companies and careers.

Also, the pressure to always be available is a consequence of remote work, where work schedules are more flexible and, therefore, their limits disappear given the ease of connectivity that digital communication makes possible.

“No matter how they decide to take their vacation, it is essential to have reliable travel assistance to ensure a safe and worry-free experience, so they can return refreshed and ready to face new work challenges,” said Joana del Toro, Deputy Director of Allianz Travel, the commercial brand of Allianz Partners for travel assistance.

The trends are the result of an analysis carried out with data provided by Foresight Factory, a research firm focused on studying market trends and consumer profiles, with which Allianz Partners has a partnership.

Source: Allianz Partners.

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