Quito presents new digital platform for promotion

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Quito presents new digital platform for promotion
Fri March 09, 2018

Includes a a renewed website 3.0 with detailed information on tourist attractions and essential routes of the city

As part of its tourism promotion strategy, the Mayor's Office of the Metropolitan District of Quito, through the Secretariat of Productive Development and Competitiveness and the Metropolitan Public Company of Quito Turismo has implemented a new digital platform that articulates digital and promotional tools.
They are integrated, a renewed website 3.0 with detailed information on tourist attractions and essential routes of the city, by the mobile application to carry Quito or plan trips to the capital of Ecuador, from your pocket. Both under the renewed city brand, which is composed of sober, avant-garde elements for the positioning of the tourist reference that is Quito in the region.
Actions catapult the city to become a Smart City that accompanies the traveler before, during and after his visit, helping him to make decisions for a better enjoyment and satisfaction during his stay.

Renewed tourist brand
A new logo that identifies the personality and attributes that distinguish Quito, the new brand will place it as a destination of excellence and preference for the traveler. For the construction of this brand, we considered the results of a market study carried out on more than 1500 tourists in 2017, which reflects how they see the capital city and what elements characterize it: on the one hand the mountains where it is located, with its icon stylized as an ascending arrow. And on the other hand, the geo-reference icon or digital location, associated with the "Q" in blue typography, which gives a rise to an innovative and minimalist logo.
The blue chromatic is taken from the intense tone of the Quito sky and next to the Andes denotes the presence of nature in its surroundings. Its stylization symbolizes the way of the city, the constant transformation and updating.
The letter O with the degree symbol (O °) represents the location in the middle of the world and the letter Q fused with the geolocation symbol, represents your destination, the place where you start a trip, an adventure, a discovery, that's why the phrase "Your story begins in Quito", the place where the story of each visitor begins when they arrive to Ecuador.
The logo also defines four axes in which it opens its tourist spectrum: nature, gastronomy, culture and adventure, with its respective chromatic. This new brand defines a new stage in the tourism of the city.



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