Expedia hosts travel + tech summit during DATE

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Expedia hosts travel + tech summit during DATE
Wed April 11, 2018

The global technology and travel company welcomes industry innovators to discuss trends in the market

Expedia Group, the world’s largest online travel company, brought together several of the world’s leading technology and travel brands for a Travel + Tech Summit on April 10, 2018 during the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE). During this event, the company also reaffirmed its commitment and support for the Dominican Republic and reported on the continued growth of the destination.


During Expedia Group’s Travel + Tech Summit, leading companies such as Amadeus spoke about leisure trends and opportunities to power competitiveness in the market. The group also discussed recommendations on how hoteliers can take advantage of Expedia Group’s technology tools and market intelligence.


DATE also allowed Expedia Group to report the most recent growth data for the Dominican Republic, including the top-in demand destination in the country in 2017, Punta Cana, with nearly five percent growth compared to 2016. Other top Dominican destinations in 2017 were Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata with more than 15 percent and nearly 30 percent increase in travel demand, respectively.  


“We are proud to host our Travel and Tech Summit during DATE and share some of the most recent growth data for the Dominican Republic. The summit not only combines our technology and travel expertise along with respected leaders in these industries like Amadeus, but also allows our market management team to celebrate accommodation partners and discuss trends and new tools available on Expedia Group’s multiple platforms that can provide increased visibility and incremental demand for all,” said Miriam Hernandez, Director for the Dominican Republic, Expedia Group.


Juan Perez Sosa, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing – USA for Barcelo Hotel Group, added: “Expedia Group has become a strategic ally for our company, both for what it represents in operations volume and human capacity. Expedia Group is always revolutionizing the tourism business, and in the Dominican Republic that is obviously no exception. The advancements Expedia Group makes in their technologies and their notable investments positions them at the forefront, delivering an essential tool for hotels that wish to distribute their product in a broad, agile and effective manner.”


As expected, the United States continues to be the top feeder market for the Dominican Republic in 2017 year over year, generating the majority of demand at nearly 75 percent. While Americans tended to travel between the summer months of July and August, Canadian travelers preferred the Dominican Republic during the colder times of the year including December, February and March.


Expedia Group reported that European travelers have been increasingly interested in the Dominican Republic. European countries that saw high travel demand to the Dominican Republic during 2017, included:


-          France, with nearly 30 percent growth

-          United Kingdom, with nearly 40 percent growth

-          Germany, with nearly 110 percent growth

-          Spain, with more than 130 percent growth


As most international travelers to the Caribbean visit for vacation, the region’s hoteliers can take advantage of Expedia Group’s Market Management team expertise to strengthen demand and their bottom line. 


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