Brazil appoints new Minister of Tourism

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Brazil appoints new Minister of Tourism
Vinicius Lummertz
Wed April 11, 2018

Vinícius Lummertz has been named and takes a position to replace Marx Beltrão


Lummertz has been acting as president of Embratur, the tourism agency of Brazil.
The candidacy of Lummertz has been the name proposed by several national and state tourism associations.
In his curriculum, regardless of his responsibility as head of Embratur, he is trained in political science by the American University of Paris, having done postgraduate studies at the Kennedy School, Harvard University, United States.

The new Minister of Tourism of Brazil, Vinicius Lummertz, said on Tuesday (10) that Argentina "is our biggest bilateral partner", in the first statements before the press that he made after taking office. Confirmed travel of Argentines and Brazilians to China to sell local destinations. RB._ Writing At the doors of the Planalto Palace, Lummertz stressed the importance of the relationship with Argentina, as evidenced by his upcoming visit to China with the Argentine Tourism Minister , Gustavo Santos, "with whom I will meet next week when I travel to Buenos Aires," the official told reporters.

"We are together with Argentina promoting together the tourism of both countries in China," said Lummertz. Last week the Embratur and the Argentine INPROTUR (National Institute of Tourism Promotion) agreed that from May they will travel to promote road shows in China, with emphasis on the Iguazu Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Joint action
"We will go to the Wall of China to sell Iguazu, and we will do the same in Shanghai and Beijing. Argentina is our largest bilateral partner and we are working together with them in the tourism promotion of our attractions, "added the new minister.
Regarding the tourism situation in his country, Lummertz stressed that "it generates jobs for seven million people", directly or indirectly. "For Brazil tourism is very important," he said, and said that the "digital revolution" is going to make it "grow even more, and that's more employment" because, he asserted, "the greatest generation of jobs will come from the hand of the services".
Noting that they are "growing a lot in tourism," he pointed out that "this summer was the record in Brazil of foreign tourism, especially South American, but also of tourists from the United States, Australia and Japan, which grew from the start of the start-up of the electronic visa ", he explained in reference to the granting of visas through a digital procedure.


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