Hilton Barbados, a classic that continues to evolve

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Hilton Barbados, a classic that continues to evolve
Alfredo González, Hilton
Fri May 11, 2018

The luxurious hotel has hosted and participated in the Connect Barbados. The property does not stop its growth and now bets on the Americas market

Hilton Barbados participated in Connect Barbados, an event that has gathered more than 70 buyers internationally. There, Alfredo González, Director of Sales and Leisure for the Caribbean and Latin America of the property, welcomed us. The executive mentioned: "Our hotel was rebuilt in 2005 and was completely renovated in the last two years, it is a quality product, maybe the best of the whole island with 4 and a half stars, although we have some competitors we are a product one of a kind, we do not handle the all-inclusive product here because of our commercial policy. "

"We tend to receive mainly citizens from the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Canada and now with the introduction of the COPA flight we think that our sales will be growing in Latin America, and we will make promotional events in Brazil (San Pablo) and Argentina (Buenos Aires). ) ".

"As a chain, we are making great efforts to promote our properties to expand demand in new markets in the Americas."

 "Our hotel is fighting the regional leadership in the Caribbean, we are really in great demand as a result of the work of our sales department", concluded Alfredo González.


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