From analysis to action: the evolution of Guest Intelligence

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From analysis to action: the evolution of Guest Intelligence
May 16, 2018

According to a survey by TripAdvisor, "80% of respondents read at least 6 to 12 opinions before making their decision


The collection of data on a destination's online reputation is a good starting point. It is important to collect, select and analyze the opinions of travelers, as they are based on the direct experience of the visitor in the destination. In this sense, travel agencies, government and other tourism institutions have a great influence on the global reputation of the destination, since the individual rating of each of these has a direct impact. So it is essential to take an active position to change the visitor's experience before it leaves a negative criticism.

In this sense, satisfaction surveys play an important role. Since they allow you to identify as many strengths as the weak points of your destination, as well as the needs of the traveler. In addition, the large amount of data collected allows you to make a detailed analysis of the visitor's overall impression. Therefore, it is very useful that the surveys you use are adapted to the characteristics of your destination, be it a summer or winter destination, a large city or a town, so that you are sure you are asking the right questions, that provide useful information to take improvement actions.

"You do not want to wait until a visitor posts a problem on TripAdvisor and seven other visitors have had a similar experience." RJ Friedlander, CEO ReviewPro

We call this set of knowledge Guest Intelligence, and is the key to focus on improving the traveler experience, achieve a more efficient business strategy, promote the destination and attract a greater number of investments, improving the online reputation of your destination and achieving a better positioning in the market.

"The data alone can not cause changes" but accessibility, act accordingly, the involvement of different agencies, the training of agents in the sector and achieve the development of a culture focused on the experience of the traveler is key ", RJ Friedlander, CEO of ReviewPro.

By establishing the best practices in phases, you can make manageable and efficient changes in your destination that, over time, will improve the satisfaction of travelers, the online reputation of the destination and as a consequence the income of the sector.


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