Almundo arrived in Brazil

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Almundo arrived in Brazil
Thu May 17, 2018

The omnichannel travel company intends to continue democratizing the travel experience


Since its launch in Argentina, in 2014, Almundo brought together the best of two worlds: technology and people. The company transformed the travel e-commerce with an innovative proposal that accompanies travelers before, during and after each experience. In order to globalize the brand and become a technology company that has tourism services, the company started its operations in Brazil this month.

"Brazil represents more than 40% of the total of travel in Latin America," said Juan Pablo Lafosse, CEO of Almundo. The executive also explained that in this country domestic traffic is five times greater than international traffic.

With the arrival of the company in this country, Almundo will replicate the business model of Argentina that, in 2017, revolutionized the tourism sector by presenting the first global community of travelers and experts in destinations. Through a technological platform, the company connects each traveler with a person who has great knowledge about the destination to which they wish to go. Experts help choose the best options for flights, hotels, packages, activities and more; make reservations, share local experiences, give tips and recommendations. They provide personalized attention in all stages of the trip. In this way, the technology and the value of people's knowledge come together to produce a proposal adapted to the needs of each traveler.

"In Argentina, and now also in Brazil, when a client calls or makes a consultation through the web, it can be attended by a specialist who may be near his home or in the chosen destination," explained Lafosse. The executive also stressed that the experts will be able to advise the traveler regarding the best financing and to be in contact before, during and after their trip. This service is totally free, 24 hours, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

With respect to Almundo's business plan, this does not only consist in obtaining competitive commercial agreements and the most varied forms of payment; but also, in establishing work teams in IT, software development, omnichannel sales and digital marketing in the hub markets of the region. In Argentina and Mexico, the company is already recognized for its omnichannel service model that includes: web, mobile, retail, telephone and instant messaging. In Colombia and Brazil, although attention is now focused on the telephone channel and the web channel, the objective is to continue expanding, deepening the personalization of the experience.

Juan Pablo Lafosse, CEO of Almundo, explained: "This launch marks a milestone in the history of our company. It is a commitment to a competitive, dynamic market with opportunities to continue innovating in technology that enriches the travel experience. In Almundo we achieved a sustained growth in the last five years, positioning ourselves among the main players in the industry. Currently we are almost 1000 employees and we estimate a turnover of US $ 300 MM for 2020. This growth is driven by the support of our main shareholder, the IBEROSTAR Group. We are fully convinced that travel transforms, and by transforming people we transform the world. "


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