Central Hotel Panama, a property with history

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Central Hotel Panama, a property with history
May 30, 2018

Stay is more than a stay, it is to enter a complete world of history and culture to be discovered, with countless antecedents, acts, anecdotes and events worthy of telling them to the world


The first Panamanian hotel that was built in 1874, almost 150 years ago, the scene where the separation of Panama with Colombia was celebrated and the Panamanian flag was presented, on the second balcony of the hotel, on November 3, 1903.

According to De Y caza, when the 20th century arrived, the hotel was already recognized as the best in Panama for its high level of European and American services. His fame crossed the entire Western Hemisphere. With its design of French influence, the Central Hotel Panama is one of the many buildings that today enhance the historical and architectural importance of the Casco Antiguo, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In 1878 there was a fire and the building was burned. In 1882 it reopened its doors, time of the French Channel, reason why it began to lodge to the visitors. In 2000 it closed again and its official opening was in 2008, with a new administration of Spaniards. Its restoration lasted eight years, in a very meticulous way, preserving the totality of its original façade and structure.

Visiting it provides a sense of historical luxury that is worth experiencing first-hand. One of its visual attractions are the stairs, a replica built by the same Titanic company, with an investment of more than three million dollars. This was the hotel with the first elevator in all of Central America and the tallest building in Panama in the 19th century.

The Central Hotel Panama has little by little become the favorite place for intrepid travelers. Guests include US President Theodore Roosevelt and Count Ferdinand de Lesseps; and others like: Pablo Neruda, Rubén Darío, Fidel Castro when he visited Panama for the first time at 21, etc.

It is today a preferred hotel for incentive tourism, coming from: Europe France Germany and the United States. Central Hotel Panama is a place of fashion, being the scene for excellence of events such as Panama Talents, and others of great renown such as Film Festival, Panama Jazz Festival, etc. Each month there is an event that enhances Panamanian culture among visitors.

The hotel has 135 rooms, each one different with its own essence. It has a swimming pool on the top floor, with a spectacular view where Casco Antiguo merges with the city. For lovers of relaxation there is a Spa with the best treatments and a gym for the most athletic. For the tourist of congresses and meetings, the hotel offers four meeting rooms, with all the amenities required for corporate and multinational companies. Central Hotel Panama comes proactive and different people, who want to experience new things and participate in Panamanian tourism in all its edges: walk through Casco Antiguo, go to museums, visit the Presidency, churches, etc. In itself, enjoy the history of Panama.

"Creativity, innovation and service are the priority elements in the hotel. With a defined goal, be among the 10 best hotels in Panama, "said De Ycaza.


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