Panama tourism security reduces thefts and thefts in the destination

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Panama tourism security reduces thefts and thefts in the destination
Wed May 30, 2018

Panama is a favorite destination and one of the main concerns of visitors is how the destination is safe. One of the advantages is that this country since 1978 has tourist police

Panama is a favorite destination in the region for vacations, and one of the main concerns of visitors is how is fate safe? one of the advantages is that this country, since 1978 has a tourist police, who watches over the welfare of tourists, following an agreement at the time with the Panamanian Tourism Institute. Today, it has managed to reduce the number of robberies and thefts, compared to the last years.

Commissioner Aldo Macre, National Chief of Tourism Police in Panama emphasized to Travel Magazine that thefts continue but in a smaller amount, given that the tourist is more confident of the account and on several occasions the visitor prefers to report it under this category when the real is a loss of the same traveler.

In March 2016 seven crimes against tourists were reported: two thefts and five robberies, in the same month of 2017 a total of 11: four robberies and seven thefts; and in relation to 2018 decreased in six: two thefts and four robberies; the latter were: one at Tocumen Airport, one at Canal, two at Bethany, one at San Francisco and one at Albrook Mall. Of these, five were during the day and one at night.

The Panamanian tourist police are made up of 300 officers, with their respective training, one of the requirements is that they speak English, however, several of them know another language like German.

According to Macre, today they are distributed as follows: 133 in the city, 29 in Colón, 13 in the areas of Playas, 42 in Coclé, six in Los Santos but requires more demand, 14 in Veraguas, 11 in Chiriquí and 52 in Bocas del Toro. They offer service to the tourism the 24 hours.

The cruise season (October to March) is one of the strongest times for tourist police. Only in March of 2018 came 25 cruise ships with more than 42,000 tourists who arrived in Panama.

"Only in the arrival of cruises there is at least 50% of the total of the units that are by zone," Macre said.

The Commissioner added that among the biggest challenges facing the tourist police is increasing the number of patrols, and as for the sector itself, small hotels should improve their security, given that the same receptionist is in charge of the same, which is not recommended.


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