Australis is nominated as "Best Boutique Cruise in South America"

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Australis is nominated as "Best Boutique Cruise in South America"
Tue June 12, 2018

For the 2018 edition of the World Travel Awards, the Chilean expedition cruise line joined the new category of Boutique Cruises


Competing with other South American vessels, Australis, the Chilean line of expedition cruises specialized in touring Patagonia, is in the international competition known worldwide as the Oscars of tourism.

For the 2018 edition of the World Travel Awards, the Australis Expedition Cruises line joined a new category in this contest, the Cruceros Boutique, positioning Patagonia as a luxury destination that everyone should know.

Founded in 1990, Australis is dedicated exclusively to navigating the maritime route that connects Punta Arenas (Chile) with Ushuaia (Argentina). With a deep rooted in the area, the company has been perfecting its route, service and boats, to offer a unique exploration experience and allow tourists from around the world to discover one of the last places on the planet that have not yet been intervened by the man.

Australis currently has two modern boats specially designed to travel the narrowest canals of Patagonia, entering its passengers through Tierra del Fuego and reaching places where no other cruise can reach. Both ships were designed to offer an intimate and comfortable environment. With maximum capacity for exclusively 210 passengers, its spacious cabins (all with panoramic windows) and lounges, have exterior views that allow the passenger to enjoy the spectacular Patagonian landscapes at all times. With daily excursions aboard zodiac boats and disembarkation in emblematic places -like the mythical Cape Horn-, the passengers live a unique contact with nature and then enjoy life aboard a ship whose gastronomy of excellence offers a system all inclusive, ensuring an experience that combines perfection, adventure and comfort. All this was considered for Australis to appear on the radar of these awards, as one of the best boutique cruises in South America.


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