Quito is projected as an intelligent city in London

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Quito is projected as an intelligent city in London
Tue June 12, 2018

The Ecuadorian capital participates for the fifth consecutive year of the Experience Latin America (ELA) that specializes exclusively in Latin America


The meeting takes place from June 11 to 13 at the CCT Venues Plus in the city of London, bringing together the main suppliers from Latin America with key buyers from the United Kingdom and Europe.
Veronica Sevilla, general manager of Quito Turismo, represents the capital in work meetings and in meetings with invited media and industry players; presenting Quito as a tourist destination and as a city that is projected as Smart City in the South American region, with the aim of strengthening relations and presence in the European market.
In addition, the representative of Quito Turismo will participate as an exponent in the Presentation Seminar of Quito destination "Your Story begins in Quito", where it will promote the Digital Positioning Plan 2018, which includes several elements, including the New Digital Platform, where the user can find everything about Quito, what projects us towards new travel trends and as an inclusive city, a mobile application that allows you to discover the city before and during the trip, becoming the perfect travel companion and the production of a video that shows the beauty of every corner of Quito; all driven by the new city brand, which has been inspired by the icons most representative of the identity of Quito.
In addition, the MICE director, Robert Samaniego, will travel to Bilbao, where he will visit and hold a working meeting at the Bilbao Convention Center, an approach that will provide technical information on the management, operation and marketing of other convention centers in the world. and its impact on business tourism, in order to strengthen local knowledge and enhance the administration of the new Metropolitan Convention Center.
It will also represent Quito Turismo in the "The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2018" Award Ceremony, nominating the city in said event, in order to promote the gastronomic product that the capital of Ecuador has been developing in recent years, based on important projects such as the Gas Festival "Sal Quiteña", the awards to the culinary traditions of Fanesca and Coladas Moradas and the rescue of experiences of flavors such as chocolate, coffee and craft beer.
The data:
The United Kingdom is one of the main tourist markets in Quito. According to the Tourist Indicators System, during 2017 the city received a total of 652,912 visitors, of which 15,822 were English, which corresponds to 2% of the total visits to the city.
About ELA:
In this large showcase will display its offer 130 exhibitors from Latin America with approximately 4000 work appointments, involving 360 European buyers and 20 exhibitors in 9 seminars. The event is organized by the Latin America Travel Association (LATA), with the main objective of promoting tourism to Latin America in Europe, bringing together travel agencies and wholesalers that offer destinations in the region, as well as specialized media interested in these destinations .



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