IHG launches its new luxury brand

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IHG launches its new luxury brand
Tue June 12, 2018

With the new brand, more than 200 hotels will be added to IHG in the next decade



IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) today launched voco ™, its new luxury hotel brand, and at the same time announces its first signature in Australia.

voco will focus mainly on conversion opportunities and will strengthen the IHG offer in the luxury segment that has a value of $ 40 billion dollars, and it is expected to grow $ 20 billion more by 2025. When working with hotels Individuals with high quality local brands, this distinctive brand will offer owners the ability to obtain superior returns offering a great experience and taking advantage of the strength of the IHG systems. This includes the superior capabilities and technology in revenue management and the IHG® Rewards Club, one of the largest hotel loyalty programs in the world.

Voco, inspired by the meaning of 'invite' or 'unite' in Latin, will combine the informality and charm of an individual hotel, with the quality and security of a global and respected brand.

The introduction of Voco will begin in the Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa (EMEAA) region of IHG, with plans to take it to the Americas and Greater China later on. The new brand will promote a significant gradual growth for IHG, with the expectation of opening more than 200 voco hotels in attractive places, both urban and recreational in the next 10 years.

IHG announced last month plans to expand its offer of exclusive and luxury properties in the United Kingdom through a conditional agreement with Covivio (formerly Foncière des Régions) to rename and operate 12 high-quality open hotels and a project under development in your portfolio in the United Kingdom. This agreement will establish a significant voco presence in the United Kingdom with some of these properties changing to the new brand in the coming months.

Today, IHG has confirmed that the signature of the first hotel of the voco brand outside of Europe will be the Watermark Hotel & Spa Gold Coast, in Surfers Paradise, Australia. The 388-room hotel is located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, just steps from the beach and offers guests two pools and 800 square meters of meeting space. The property will soon be acquired by SB & G, an IHG partner for many years who currently owns five other IHG hotels in Australia. The hotel will open with the voco mark at the end of 2018.

Keith Barr, Chief Executive Officer of IHG, said: "We have talked about the possibility of significant growth for IHG in the luxury segment and voco will help us to achieve it.We will work with the owners of attractive properties, who appreciate the power and the experience that a global company can bring, guests can enjoy the attractiveness of a more individual hotel, but with the tranquility of a name they trust in. The versatility of the brand means that a voco hotel can keep all the elements that They make this existing hotel successful.

"With voco, the recent incorporation of Regent Hotels & Resorts in the luxury segment, the launch of avid ™ hotels in the Americas and the work we are doing to increase our portfolio of existing brands, we are making great strides in our ambitious plans to accelerate growth."

The voco brand promises guests a different experience, which comes with a daring identity, a style of informal and detailed service during the stay of the guest. Three critical moments in the guest's journey have been identified through in-depth customer knowledge, where voco can create an attractive experience that will distinguish the brand and can be applied consistently across a wide range of individual properties. These moments are:

Come on in - a distinctive welcome experience, a quick and simple check-in with an unexpected gift and local influence to start a guest's stay.

Me time - encouraging guests to take a personal moment with extra comfortable beds, quality bathroom amenities, rejuvenating showers, variety of Smart TV content and excellent connectivity in all rooms.

voco life - spaces that work for different times of the day, so that guests always have a place to relax and enjoy - from offering a great coffee to start the day or classic dishes to share in the afternoon that give something of what talk later


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