How much time does a tourist spend planning an online trip?

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How much time does a tourist spend planning an online trip?
Wed June 13, 2018

Travelers analyze the cultural and leisure alternatives of destinations for about 160 minutes before deciding where to go


Users dedicate an average of 60 minutes to the organization of their trip once they have decided the destination to which they will travel and, when selecting it, they analyze for more than 160 minutes the
possibilities that a site offers before making a decision, according to the analysis of the Smartvel content tool.
Travel planning tools provide users with information about destination locations, although in most cases it is disaggregated information. Smartvel's "living agenda" is an intelligent solution capable of adding content from hundreds of websites that provides companies in the tourism sector with a tool with the dynamic information of the destination that is incorporated into their own website; and provides the user with a space that concentrates all the cultural and leisure information of the destination, to facilitate the
Personalization of the trip.
Smartvel's analysis also reveals that users who use the planning tool for the second time are more likely to seek information about the cultural and leisure agenda at the destination, ahead of the main tourist attractions in the city.
Depending on the origin, American and European users show greater interest in the tours and the theatrical and musical events that they will find during their stay, while the Asians and Australians analyze the main tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels where they could
to stay.
This study by Smartvel is based on the analysis of the behavior of 240,000 users of the "living agenda" of the company, which shows both the static content (hotels, restaurants, museums, attractions, etc.) and the dynamic content (concerts, theater, events, sports competitions, etc.).

Smartvel covers more than 200 destinations and promotes the internationalization of the company with sales offices in London, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Zurich, Dubai, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Bangkok. Almost half of the clients of the Spanish company are international companies.
The Smartvel project started in 2013 and for two years all the resources were devoted to developing a proprietary and innovative technology that would contribute to the aggregation of vertical, useful and coherent content automatically with a well-defined objective: to offer a product that added value
in the relationship of companies with their customers.
During this stage, a dozen engineers worked on the achievement of a viable minimum product that saw the light in 2015. The project in which La Caixa and Alsa participate, has also had funding from Segittur. The company entered into profit in 2017 and since then maintains a sustained growth of its income.


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