Best Day Travel Group shares report: "The best of summer"

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Best Day Travel Group shares report: "The best of summer"
Mon July 09, 2018

According to the leading online tourism firm in Latin America, 31% of customers prefer an all-inclusive accommodation, 23% enjoy the experience of staying at a hotel chain, 16% choose to stay at a beach house and 3% choose a hotel boutique


Best Day Travel Group, a responsive and online travel agency, leader in Latin America, with 6 brands specialized in business models focused on the travel and tourism sector, shares its Business Intelligence Report, corresponding to the month of July, with interesting data related to the Best of the summer, the lodging and the preferred activities.
This report, issued monthly in an infographic format, is generated by the Business Intelligence Management of Best Day Travel Group, which is part of its strategic actions for the handling and analysis of data related to the travel experience.

In this month of July the following information stands out:

The best of summer

Where do tourists stay in summer ?:
31% Prefer an all-inclusive stay
23% Enjoy the experience of staying at the facilities of a hotel chain
16% Decide to stay in a beach house
3% Choose a boutique hotel

Favorite activities to do in the summer
Swim in the ocean
Outdoor activities

Top 3 of the preferred countries to dive in summer

Beaches most visited in summer
Isla Saona (Dominican Republic)
Tulum (Mexico)
Siesta Beach (United States)
Flamenco Beach (Puerto Rico)

In parallel, our research reflects three important data:
50% of people make their reservations online
33% of travelers share photos and content about their holidays online, mainly on social networks
77% consider that summer is the funniest time of the year.

Source: Business Intelligence area of ​​Best Day Travel Group.


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