Oaxaca’s Vivo Resorts & Residences Announces Botanica

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 Oaxaca’s Vivo Resorts & Residences Announces Botanica
Mon July 09, 2018

Botanica is the continuation of Vivo’s steady growth on Mexico’s burgeoning Emerald Coast following a record-breaking year for the development.

Vivo Resorts & Residences, Puerto Escondido’s premier luxury oceanfront hotel and real estate development, announced Botanica, its newest concept for beach condominiums inspired by Oaxaca’s vibrant culture and unspoiled natural landscape. Botanica is the continuation of Vivo’s steady growth on Mexico’s burgeoning Emerald Coast following a record-breaking year for the development.
The Botanica concept will be defined by oasis-like atmospheres blending quiet privacy and oceanside beauty. The model provides homeowners with a lower point of entry, with prices starting at $219,900 for one bedroom/one bath and $279,900 for two bedroom/two bath residences.  These highly accessible price points are even more exciting because of an all-new and limited-time 5-year payment plan. Arriving after the successful completion of the Nautico tower, Botanica makes the Vivo lifestyle an affordable dream with turnkey packages as well as several furniture and décor options.
Botanica’s Oaxacan-influenced design will feature lush gardens, tropical garden courtyards, select mountain views, landscaped islands and Vivo’s largest pools. The initial release of 18 Botanica residences will grow to more than 230 at full build-out, per Vivo's 75 percent selling threshold before beginning construction. “We are excited to announce this new expansion for Vivo and launch a completely new product that introduces us to a new demographic and market,” said Cary Mullen, developer and founder of Vivo Resorts. “We are confident that Botanica will resonate with the younger wave of travelers discovering Puerto Escondido, multigenerational families, and retirees alike.”
Puerto Escondido is a growing port town experiencing an influx of incoming flight routes and interest from travelers. Despite its boom in popularity in recent years it continues to retain an authentic Mexican feel, making it the optimal choice for renters and buyers seeking tranquil tropics. Drawn to a location uncluttered by big-box stores or overdevelopment, passenger volume at Puerto Escondido National Airport has increased 300 percent in the last five years.
Vivo Resorts suits families, couples, adventure-seekers and older adults alike in a community made stronger by a recently opened, $7 million-dollar premier Clubhouse, featuring an open-air spa, state-of-the-art fitness and business centers, fine dining, Kids’ Club and more. A new beachfront infinity pool as well as tennis and pickleball courts are nearing completion, set to open late summer 2018. Upon Vivo’s full build-out, 700 families will call 114 private homes and 600 condominiums home.


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